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ARC Ref150 or Aesthetix Atlas with Vandersteen 5A
The Atlas is now available in a Signature version.The amp's built in high pass filter is a perfect match for Vandy. 
Tube DAC Recommendations
I've heard the Aesthetix Pandora VC being feed from a PS Audio PWT into the AES input and a Auraliti PK 90 into the USB input. I agree with Rtilden's Romulus comments on break-in and sound quality with 16/44.1 recordings, but hirez from the PWT/PK... 
Amp/Preamp combo for Wilson Sophia 3's
Aesthetix Calypso Signature/Atlas Signature = $17K. 
World's best Pre-amp for $10K and above?
Atmasphere,What's the S/N ratio on your preamps? 
Revel Salon2/Studio2/Voice2 amplification???
The Aesthetix Atlas is a good call.If your budget doesn't allow it, take a look at the Sanders Magtech, it will deliver 900 watts/ch into your 4 ohm S2s. 
Audience Versus Running Springs Power Conditioners
IMO,the degree of improvement you'll get from any PLC will depend on the quality of the AC coming out your wall outlets. The better your AC, the less improvement you'll hear.First thing I'd recommend is replacing your currentoutlets with Furutech ... 
Solid State Amplification for Devore Nines?
Try a Sanders Magtech. 
ARC's new REF-75
Oregonpapa,What speakers will your new REF-75 be driving? 
ARC's new REF-75
213cobra-If someone doesn't have speakers that are over 100db/w/m efficiency and needs an amp in the same power range as theREF 75, what would you recommend? 
ARC's new REF-75
Keithr-Thanks,I'm sure I will enjoy my audition of the REF 75. 
ARC's new REF-75
Keithr- "I'm sorry that I don't listen to boring typical audiophile music."Neither do I."FYI- that "crappy" Alice in Chains track got raves reviews in numerous rooms. One dealer bought the album that afternoon." I'm sure that Layne Staley¬ís estate... 
ARC's new REF-75
The REF75 at the show was driving Wilson Sophia 3s, not Sashas. Stereophile's testing says they're 88.3db(B)/2.83V/m.I guess if you judge the amp's midrange by playing recordings like Alice in Chains, you'll be disappointed.;-) 
need good solid state amp to match my tube preamp
Sanders Magtech. 
amplification for devore fidelity nines ?
If you can get that CS 600 for $3K, go for it!The retail is now $6.5K. 
Jfrech,Based on the product timeline on their website, I don't think you'llsee an updated Maxx until this time next year.