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Zero Negative Feedback Amps with High Power
Aesthetix Atlas. Comes in stereo and mono versions. 
Hypex NCore 1200
Primare_cd31,If you're still using WA Sophia 3s, take a look at the Aesthetix Altas Signature. It's a no feedback design and sounds great on the S3s.The other amp I'd like to hear on the S3s is the Spectral DMA 260. 
what are the Best Direct to amps Digital Players ?
Audiolabyrinth,Here's some feedback on the Aesthetix DAC:http://forums.theaudioforums.com/showthread.php?321-Aesthetix-Romulus-CD-Player-DAC 
MerrillAudio Veritas Reviewed at Dagogo
C'mon Mike... lighten up and stop with the silly name calling.My post was directed at Don_s, not you.If you like the Veritas amps, great.Congrats on your good fortune to get an early adopter discount.Aloha. 
MerrillAudio Veritas Reviewed at Dagogo
Don_sHifial is working all the forums.He's also advocating for the Merrill Audio over on AudioAficionado.org.Wonder how big a dsicount he got from Merrill... 
Hypex Ncore NC1200 Amps at NY Audio Show in April
The target price for the PS Audio class D amp is now $3995.See:http://www.psaudio.com/forum/#/discussion/5000/anyone-interested-in-seeing-the-new-amp 
Hypex Ncore NC1200 Amps at NY Audio Show in April
It will be interesting to see how the stock modules in a box, $12K Merrill Monos compare to the $4K PS Audio Hypex amp to be released this summer.According to Mr.McGowan:"Basically regardless of which core we use, the 700 UCD or the Ncore, the sou... 
Hypex Ncore NC1200 Amps at NY Audio Show in April
Guido,I think the Ncore 1200 based amps you're looking for are the Tube Reseach Labs 600 Monos.http://www.audiocircle.com/image.php?id=78933 
Hypex Ncore NC1200 Amps at NY Audio Show in April
Hifial,I haven't hear the Merrill Audio Veritas monos. I have had a Magtech in my system.I have a friend who compared a stereo Magtech to Merrill Audio Veritas monos and preferred the Magtech.Good luck with your business. 
Hypex Ncore NC1200 Amps at NY Audio Show in April
It's too bad that Merrill Audio didn't have the Sanders Magtech amp(s) on hand for comparison on the 10Cs.IMO, Anyone who pays $12K for the Merrill Audio amps or $15K for the Mola-Molas without listening to Sanders $5.5K Magtech is making a big mi... 
Wilson Sophia 1,2, or 3?
Ricred1,Are you still listening to your Wilsons on the casters? 
Top CD transports vs USB converter shootout
If the bulk of your digital collection like most people are44.1/16 recordings, I suggest you try the ART Legato IIUSB converter. 
Magico V2 vs. Q1
Other than the -6db at 39Hz bass extention figure, the other things that stick out in MC's Q1 review are the low frequency distortion measurements and max loudness.If you read the review of his WA S3 speakers, you'll see that in his roomthe bass e... 
Magico V2 vs. Q1
There's a review of the Q1 here:http://www.absolutesounds.com/pdf/main/press/HIFiCriticJul-SepQ1forweb.pdfDoes your dealer have the new S1s? 
Vivid audio Giya G1 and Wilson Maxx3
"I would say that I am more towards a musical sound, not too much added warmth, but not sterile and cold "Hi-Fi:ish"."If that's your goal, I'd go with the MAXX 3. You can score a used pair now, or wait for the MAXX 5s.