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Best Speaker under $3K - New or Used
Event Opals 
Minimum room size for Wilson Sophia II
Primare_cd31, yes the S3s sound better when they're spiked and leveled, especially in the bass region.I'd recommend having your dealer do the WASP, and remeasurethe room before you invest in a lot of room treatments. 
Minimum room size for Wilson Sophia II
My S3s are in 12'x 18' room with a draped sliding glass door behind the speakers and they work fine. The key is getting the WASP done correctly.Primare_cd31,are your S3s still on the casters? 
Speaker cables for Wilson Sophia 3
Primare,Hope you get a deal on the Ultras.I'm using some cables I got here on Agon sold under the title of Nuclear Valhalla Military Grade.I might try the Decware ZEN STYX cables. 
Speaker cables for Wilson Sophia 3
Primare,Check out the Wilson forum on the Audioaficionado site. 
Speaker cables for Wilson Sophia 3
In his reviews of the Sophia 3s and Sashas, Art Dudley used Auditorium 23 speaker cables. They cost a lot lessthan the Transparent Ultras. 
Speaker cables for Wilson Sophia 3
I've also been looking for SCs for my S3s and was thinking about trying the Grover Huffman SCs since they can be returned.What do you think is missing with the Grover Huffman Sx SCs?On your digital upgrade, I'd go for a DAC with a computerinterface. 
Does long hair destroy the soundstage?
Eye glasses also have a negative effect on soundstage and inner details.I can also understand how cup size can effect a man's hearing, you can't think clearly when all of your blood rushes to your lap . 
Magico Q3's at Goodwin's High End
Goodwin's website shows the 1000 watt Bolder 2050monos with a list price of $86K. 
Best Integrated amp for Wilson Audio Sasha
LA mayro 
Who is the World's Best 'New' Female Vocalist
Renee Olstead nice boob job, but IMO, Esperanza Spaldingis a better singer, plus she plays bass. 
Using a PS Audio Perfectwave Dac as a music server
Elputco-The PS Audio tagNplay app will also work on an iTouch or iPad.My set up is:SeagateHD-Netgear WNDR3700-Cat5-PSAudio PWD/Bridge/tagNplay app on iPad 
Wilson Watt Puppy, which version?
The Sasha and Sophia 3 use a Focal tweeter developed for MAXX Series 3, "a new topology that reduces the back-wave reflections which otherwise propagate through the diaphragm, adding noise and distortion to the primary signal. By significantly red... 
Next upgrade: cables. But which ones first?
Inna- power cord- "not shorter than 5ft."Why? 
$20k top, full range speakers?
Wilson Sophia 3s.Easy to drive, and comes with professional installation.