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The most transparent speaker cable
apologies.  <Purist dealer disclaimer>Give them a listen, Purist Rules.  :-) 
Upgrading power cord.. proven upgrade? or crap?
The right way to do lightning and surge protection is with a surge arrestor at your power service panel.  Home Depot has panel-mounted arrestors for ~$60, and external (if you don't have room in the box) for ~$110.  Protects every electronic devic... 
Doubling a Set of Speaker Cables
I had my mind all but made up that there would be no difference, but I was wrong.  Anyone wondering, try it!  :-) 
Bi-wire speaker cable setup for Krell FPB 400cx
jmcgrogan2, you're right, will do in the future. Bill Murray fan also.  :-) <purist dealer disclosure>Purist Rules!  :-) 
The most transparent speaker cable
Purist Audio Design.  30+ years of the greatest cables on earth. 
Doubling a Set of Speaker Cables
Doubling up on the wire from amp to speaker made a huge improvement on my system.  Perhaps, because the speakers are 4 ohm, but it sounded dramatically better.  I was quite certain I wouldn't hear anything, but it was the opposite.  TRY IT.  :-)  ... 
Bi-wire speaker cable setup for Krell FPB 400cx
Purist Audio Design!  The best cables on earth for over 30+ years.  :-) 
Upgrading power cord.. proven upgrade? or crap?
Completely agree with stringreen. Powercords are more noticeable than interconnect or speaker cable. They make profound differences too, but the powercords are HUGE. Try one of the dozen from Purist Audio Design. Extremely effective. 
Looking for SACD player............
Have you tried the Oppo BDP-105D?  It ought to cost WAY more than it does.  A phenomenal SACD player, the balanced outputs sound wonderful.  Having a hard time finding anything better under $10k.  That player is amazing. 
Which Processor?
The Foundation stomps the S-1200, I know as I've compared both thoroughly.  The Foundation is an EXCELLENT sounding preamp and processor.   
Nordost Frey 2 power cord on Agostino Monentum stereo amp
Purist Audio Design Dominus AC works wonders on my Momentum :-) 
Search for miracle integrated
The Krell Vanguard integrated sounds awesome.  Best integrated Krell has ever made. 
Speaker cables for Krell-B&W 802 D Speakers
Purist Audio Design speaker cables.  Over 30 years of the best and they go SO well with B&W and Krell (been listening to that combination for 20 years), and, of course, with lots of other gear combinations too.  :-) 
Integrated Owners: I Need an Excellent Power Cord
Purist Audio Design.  They've been building the best power cords and audio cables on earth for over 30 years.  They have 12 AC power cords to choose from.  :-)   
Best preamplifier, amplifier for B&W 800 Diamond
The Krell Solo 575 monoblocks ran my 801D better than any other amplifier I've heard.  They had great speed, detail, a nice large/deep soundstage, and punchy (but tuneful also) bass.  Loads of power too.  They outperformed my massive EV900e monos,...