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I need a good Preamp
<Krell dealer disclaimer>Krell preamps work well with Krell power amps.  How about grabbing a Krell Phantom and upgrade to CAST to your 350 monos!  Yeah.  :-)   
Best speakers under $500? Fire away!
Dealer disclaimerElac UB5 is unbeatable at $499/pair astonishing speaker that somehow does it all.  Magic. 
What ever happened to Krell ?
<dealer disclaimer>I've been a Krell dealer since the mid-1990s.  The current Krell Vanguard integrated all the way up to their top Illusion preamp and Solo 575 monos is the best sounding/performing Krell gear to date.  At the price points K... 
Agoners: Need Advice! Have 3K to spend on an Amp, what do I do with no way to audition?
<Krell dealer disclaimer>At $3k you could grab a KAV-2250 and have money left over or possible even an EV2250e if you found a crazy deal.  They have Krell control, Krell bass, load of detail, separation, transparency, soundstage, musicality,... 
Do I need a power conditioner?
I've listened to ~30 power conditioners...NO do not waste your money.  Plug into the wall outlet.  If you are concerned about lightning/surges put a lighting surge arrestor, home depot whole home protection device.  Square D, Eaton and other make ... 
Please Help Me Choose a Speaker Cable
<dealer disclaimer>Purist Audio Design makes excellent cables.  With a $600 budget you can find Purist Musaeus Rev C and Purist Musaeus Praesto bi-wire speaker cables at your 3.0m-3.5m length need...they are such low noise, high detail, musi... 
Good Speakers with Pass XA30.5 Power Amp?
<<ELAC dealer disclaimer>>When the Elac Adante AF 61 is released in two months it will most likely compete with all speakers under $10k.  It's going to be a very special speaker.  Andrew Jones is a VERY clever guy.  :-) 
Best reasonably priced SACD player?
<Oppo dealer disclaimer>The BDP-105D is a remarkable SACD player, that also happens to do nearly everything else, including DSD64 playback from the front USB jack.  It's hard to find fault with the amazing sound quality, excellent reliabilit... 
Help with MC Cartridge Recommendation to Swap from Ortofon 2M Black MM
Ortofon dealer:I second gshepardbuster...I'd include the Ortofon MC Cadenza Red.  It's detailed, with excellent balance, nice percussive weighty punch, nice big soundstage, an excellent value too! 
Entry Level Interconnect Reccomendations
<Purist Dealer disclaimer>The Purist Vesta interconnect should be on your list to evaluate...  :-)  The most "real" sounding cables for 30+ years 
Can a small speaker sound really really good?
<ELAC dealer disclaimer>The Elac UB5 is a compact, 3-way speaker system that blows my mind every time I'm listening to them.  So, yeah a small speaker can sound incredible.  And, they only cost $500/pr!  :-)-BrianHerndon Audio 
Cartridge Recommendation
<Ortofon dealer disclaimer>The Cadenza Red sounds EXCELLENT :-) and is right in your target price range as well...-BrianHerndon Audio 
power conditioner
I've tried ~30 or so, everyone screwed it up. The most effective "condioner" I've heard is totally passive. Dealer disclaimer:  Purist Audio Design LE, 25th, and 30th power cords condition in a win-win way. :-) 
Interconnect cables for turntable
Dealer disclaimer, Purist Audio Design!  :-) 
<Purist dealer disclaimer>Purist Audio Design Musaeus interconnect sounds awesome, great balance, detail, super quiet background, etc.  :-)