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Best Integrated amp for under 4k
The Krell Vanguard is the best sounding integrated that they've ever made.  It does everything well.  Speed, detail, huge soundstage, bass depth and snap.  It takes a lot of money to beat it.  It retails for 4500, slightly over the original poster... 
Krell Vanguard Integrated vs Bryston B135
Total agreement with dave_b, the Vanguard is an exceptional sounding unit.  Certainly Krell's best sounding integrated.  It takes a lot of money in separates to best it. 
Power conditioner help
Before money is spent on conditioners, you owe it to yourself to listen the Purist Limited Edition power cord, or better yet the 25th Anniversary AC power cord, or very best 30th Anniversary AC power cord.  :-) As to these ratings on the condition... 
Help me choosing an Integrated Amp
The Krell Vanguard sounds wonderful. It does everything well.  
Power conditioner help
Totally agree with stingreen, is take a Purist power cord over any power conditioner.  I have found all conditioners to be one step forward, two steps back. I.e. Their might be a perceived reduction in the noise floor, but the dynamics are softene... 
Best platter mat, especially for DD turntables
The SOTA delrin mat is awesome.  Detail, percussive punch to every note.  Call SOTA turntables.  :-)   
Recommend a Cable/Interconnect Set
ebm is right.  Purist Audio Design.  30 years of the best cables on earth. 
Power conditioner help
Completely agree with noromance.  Listen to your system without one. I've heard ~30 power conditioners.  They all limit current, compress, soften and just generally make your system sound worse.  If you want to protect your system from lightning a... 
Looking to buy floor standing speakers in $1000 per speaker range.
ELAC UF5, $1000/pair, big soundstage, great snap in the bass, nice weight, excellent speed and detail, competes with speakers 4X more 
Looking to buy floor standing speakers in $1000 per speaker range.
ELAC UF5, excellent performers, $1000 pair 
Need Small Bookshelf Speakers With a Big Sound
The ELAC UB5 sounds excellent, just $500 pair too 
Best interconnects used for around $500 +?
Purist Audio Design Musaeus :-) 
The most transparent speaker cable
Purist Audio Design 
Which cartridge should I upgrade to now?
Ortofon 2M Bronze MM is also excellent 
Which cartridge should I upgrade to now?
Ortofon MC Quintet Blue