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best integrated amp.
Krell Vanguard sure is a sweet sounding integrated. 
Best Sounding Classic Rock Cd's
Heart Dreamboat Annie, Pink Floyd The Wall, Emerson Lake & Palmer 1971 self-titled Tank/Lucky Man, Eagles Hotel California, Fleetwood Mac Rumors, Supertramp Breakfast in America, Dire Straits Brothers in Arms as well as Love Over Gold...all ar... 
Power cables for PassLabs preamp and poweramp
b0_1972 is correct.  The Purist LE is the most amazing AC power cord anywhere near it's price.  Once you hear it, you can't go back.  It has unanimously won blind AC shootouts since it's inception in 2010. 
interconnect choice
I second passet02, Purist Audio Design makes excellent sounding cables. 
Integrated recommendation help
I second the Krell Vanguard.  It has large, detailed, listen-all-day presentation, tons of power, is compact, easy to place, and efficient.  The best integrated Krell has ever made. 
cable and interconnect advice?
I second stringreen's comment, I've found power cords to make the largest difference, then, for me, it's a tie between the speaker, interconnect and cables.Also I second ghosthouse's comment, don't listen to us, reviews, audioholic bloggers, get y... 
cable and interconnect advice?
Don't listen to people or reviews TOO much.  Get your hands on a nicer cable, maybe from a seller that is willing to let you have an in-home demo period.  Play some music you are familiar with a couple of times with your current cables and setup, ... 
cable and interconnect advice?
Purist Audio Design has been making the best cables on earth for over 30 years...http://www.puristaudiodesign.com/products/speaker/spk_pos.phpYou owe it to yourself to listen to them.  Dollar for dollar they rarely lose a cable shootout. 
Home Theatre AVR recommendations (Anthem, NAD vs Denon, pioneer, marantz)
Denon AVR-X4000, -X4100, -X4200 all are within your budget and sound very good for the money... 
cable and interconnect advice?
Purist Audio Design Poseidon cables is my vote.  Warm, lush, sweet top end, highly detailed throughout, with tight/punchy controlled bass.  Very musical. 
Is there Really a difference between a Krell 400xi intergrated amp and the newer Vandgard?
jafant - located in ABQ, NM.  Operation called Herndon Audio.dave_b - couldn't have said it better, been a Krell dealer since 1994, while each Krell gets better and better, each is state of the art for it's time.  That said, the new iBias amps and... 
Power cables for PassLabs preamp and poweramp
Purist Dominus AC wakes up amps and preamps.   
Power Cables for Class D Amplifiers
Purist Audio Design Aquila Digital AC power cord.  Is an incredible sounding power cord for digital stuff, i.e. Class-D amps, PCs, digital cable/satellite boxes, most TVs, gear with using switch mode power supplies, etc.  Aquila Dig AC is amazing. 
Advice on cables for Classe Sigma, Classe CAM 5300, Halcro DM78 & B&W 800D"s
Purist cables are my pick.  The Venustas cable is particularly awesome in the performance/dollar category! 
Help with Cable selection
Purist Audio Design, for PrimaLuna the Poseidon and Neptune are especially awesome, but the entire line sounds fantastic.  Detail, soundstage, percussive, very real.