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Vinyl Users - Best/Favorite room air cleaner
Rabbit air.   
Does anyone love the First Watt SIT2
I used my Sit 2 for 4 years and loved every minute of it. I changed it only to go the 300b route and now a 45 tube.  I wish I had it back to hear one in my current system. i think your question can be answered in general "using a pre or not".... I... 
SET 45 Amp Driving Dynamic Speakers
thanks guys. I appreciate you sharing and helping me understand. yes c weighting,  So this morning I put in my 300b line magnetic amp.  And 90 dbs was really loud for me still... 87db with the 45, 89db with the 2a3, and now 90db with the 300b. the... 
SET 45 Amp Driving Dynamic Speakers
I'm reading this, almost midnight west coast time, doing all kinds of experimenting with my amps and speakers and iPhone spl meter.  I have  new Thomas Mayer 45/2a3 and a Slagle passive pre. I don't listen loud average 75-80.  My speakers are in t... 
Greatest Rock Drummers
John Fishman. 
Once you go 300b it’s hard to go back?
Yeah thats next for sure. I'm not even pushing 1 watt in my near field  set up.  
Shindo Auriegies MM - Blue styrofoam under tubes?
My vote is to take it out. I had one with no foam. Pretty sure it’s just for shipping.  
Wyred4sound, Lampizator 4
i've owned both, the w4s dac2 before they had the se upgrade. then the L4. I used both with their own built in volume control. Although my system was constantly changing at the time and it was hard to get a direct a-b comparison. I feel the L4 was... 
New Lampizator Level 4/ Version 4 DAC in the house
Radiohead99 Great score with the Athena's and the 2 box 7. The Athena were my first choice until i accidentally bought another set of speakers. I think its a great idea to order a dac with volume. It's a pretty cheap option to try and then if it's... 
Any thoughts on removing a preamp from your system
I always went DAC with volume, (W4S dac2, and lampizator) with the idea that simple is better. And less to buy?! Hell yes. I have since added a Shindo Aurieges L and tried other preamps. Like others stated above it surprisingly added depth, image,... 
Does anyone love the First Watt SIT2
Charles, Thanks! I wanted to acknowledge that a few weeks ago on a post but my posts have (had) to get approved and I get behind. 4orreal (and James) - I have the SIT2, but love it love much wanted to to get the SIT1. Mark at Reno HiFI kinda talke... 
Does anyone love the First Watt SIT2
a have a pair of dc10audio berlin. (96db) I've used a pass labs xa30, kt88 push pull diy. before my current setup i had a bunch of different powerful solid state amps driving Salk SS8s. I think it sounds detailed and more dimensional than anything... 
Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
sorry for the late reply, I'm still on approval mode for my posts so it's easy to get distracted. I tube rolled the L4 lampi but not the big7. I did use the off ramp with the L4 and didn't notice a difference, or at least a 1500$ difference. So i ... 
Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
I listen to mostly redbook. I've had W4S dac2, with off ramp 5 and short block, and lampizator 4 and now 7. I loved all of them at different times. But to your question. I'm so impressed with the Big7 playing redbook. Very engaging. 
DAC help For my tube rig
I use a shindo Aurieges, First Watt Sit2, And had Lampizator L4G4 for months, and just replaced it with a big7. Very happy with The Lampizator products and service.