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Audio aero Capitole MkII
My Cap MK 11 runs directly into a Levinson 334; great combo! 
Best Amps for Martin Logans????
Mark Levinson 334 drives my Ascents very well; although I would love to try some big tube amps, like the ASL Hurricanes, someday. All in all though, especially with an AA Cap mark 11 warming things up on the front end, this match is working for me... 
Power Cords Snake Oil ??
For what it's worth, my experience is that, yes, an upgraded power cable offers performance advantages over the stock cord. Better constructed connectors, quality wire, a tighter design factor; I guess all these things do make sense. I do have my ... 
Best female vocals on CD
I just can't believe no one has mentioned Jane Siberry! If caramel had a sound, this would be it. Try the Cd's 'Maria' or 'When I was a boy'. 
Best Isolation Devices?
What works for me, under the source, is doubled-up rollerblocks and a BDR Shelf for Source. This was, by far, the best, although crazy expensive. 
Good value upgrade from PSB STRATUS GOLDS to ?
I also went from the Gold i to the ML Ascents; a serious upgrade indeed. Still have them in my HT system; they're just too good to sell; tremendous sound and exceptional value. PSB makes great products, and prices them in the real world. they're k... 
Most achingly-beautiful music
Casssandra Wilson-Harvest Moon, Jane Siberry-Taxi Ride, Bill Evans-Peace Piece. 
How can I improve Apple iTunes through my system?
pe3046, it should be noted that the entry level g5 has pci, not pci-x slots. The other 2 models in the line up, as you correctly stated, have the brand new pci-x slots. 
HAL-O, Isolation platforms, and tube cd players
I swear by Symposium rollerblocks, most especially under digital. My new cdp has BDR cones affixed to the chassis, but will soon try a Symposium shelf of some kind resting on rollerblocks as a base for it. If prior experiences are anything to go b... 
Seperate Power Supply for Audio Aero Capital MK11
I'm thinking about removing the BDR cones as well, and substituting rollerblocks, a product I swear by. I think, instead, I'm going to try a Symposium platform with rollerblocks supporting it.. Possibly they factored in the performance of the cdp ... 
Help Audio Aero Capitole problem
Problem has been solved; the fixed relay at the back of the cd transport came loose. My best guess is that the case must have shifted in shipping, and was pressing down more than it should have been. Anyway, I put it back together and everything's... 
higher end cd player
Thanks to everyone who responded; I'm going with the audio aero, and have found one used from an audiogon member at a fair price. Gotta love this forum!I find it interesting, incidently, that know one commented on the Musical Fidelity Nuvista CDP,... 
Who is your overall favorite guitarist?
No BB King? Anyone who can say so much with ONE note has my vote. I mean, it's not how fast you play, it's what you say! It's the space between the notes that moves me, usually. 
CD Matts that improve sound?
My cdi statmat has been a good investment; would recommend a listen, at the very least.