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THE LATEST---Gold plated fuses?
I was skeptical, but the level of performance raised way out of proportion to the price when I installed them in my amps. Bass got deeper and more tuneful, no question about it. Coating them with Walker's most excellent SST was also an improvement... 
VTL 450 Signature and Soundlab A1
The seller has indicated that they do, yes. 
Which would you choose?
I loved the Ascent's when I owned them, the guy I sold them to is enjoying them as well. Give them a listen at the very least, you could very well find the speaker you've been dreaming about. They are very capable loudspeakers. 
Macintosh - Mac Mini aficionados please help
Why don't you support an endangered species and pick one up at an independent Apple authorised reseller? They can use all the help they can get! A great source for product knowledge and service as well. 
Advice on amp choice for Martin-Logan Ascents....
I use a Levinson 334, sounds very warm and pleasant; no glare, no edges.brimac 
Apple or PC?
Looks like the Mac heads have spoken; they're always really vocal about the Macs' advantages. I might be a little biased, being an Apple dealer, but our customers are happy, well adjusted people who don't freak out every time a new virus makes the... 
Guitar playing audiophiles, Martin or Taylor?
The Martin is a sweet guitar, with warm, rich, kind of tube-like tones. I've never heard a guitar quite match a good vintage Martin in those areas yet. That said, some of the larger ones can be uncomfortable to play for long periods. I picked up a... 
Martin Logan Owners - Any problems with humidity?
I'm in Ottawa, arguably the same weather as Toronto, and My Ascents sound great all year long. By the way, if you're in the market for some well maintained Ascents, mine may be up for sale soon! 
The PS 300 Tube circuit
I installed the upgrade; can't say I was bowled over by it. 
Help Levinson 334 buzz
Thanks for your responses. I called Harmon and a nice fellow named Al assured me that the cap problem was a known issue and Harmon has extended the warranty for that problem to 10 years. Nice work Harmon! My warranty had expired in March! Greatly ... 
Norah Jones on Bluenote??
Neither the new Nora nor the new Cassandra Wison (both Bluenote) will play on my aa cap mk11; although I was able to copy both to Itunes and burn copies, which will play in my player. I won't be buying anymore Bluenote, unfortunately, which for me... 
Alchemist P8 amp & pre
I owned one of their amps (forseti adp20 mk 11) and just loved it; guy I sold it to just recently loves it too. Great value, in my opinion, although, as noted, they are out of business now. Tim De Pavarancini of EAR did some design work for them; ... 
Apple Ipod
I might be a bit biased, being an Apple dealer, but as a music lover, the iPod really makes it possible like never before to make a large collection of music practical in almost any environment. As an example, my typical morning starts out in the ... 
Norah Jones on Bluenote??
Jazz is a pretty wide genre, yes? How about Bill Frisell's Nashville; which won a 'best jazz release' the year it came out. Sounds like bluegrass to me, but...I like Norah myself, and I'm happy to see her great success will continue to help fund B... 
Audio Aero Capitole 24/192 or Audio Research CD3
Another vote for AA; couldn't be more pleased with mine. it's sitting on a BDR shelf for source, doubled-up roller balls, and has a ps 300 power plant all for itself. Man, she does sing!