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Selling to Canadians
I have purchased and sold quite a bit from the US. I'm Canadian and every time when it was UPS,I had to pay brokerage fees and tax at my door before they give me my package. Now when Fedex was used they just gave me the package and then later sent... 
Lie you told your wife to buy equipment?
Honey because of the complaints we have got. I thought it best if we move to a panel type speaker. You see honey open baffle bass is very nice but it doesn't bother the custy old fart next door. 
Should repaired equipment be stated in the ad??
Serviced or repaired, I don't know,But I'll take a Threshold amp upgraded by Jon Solderbreg.I also prefer a car with full service records! 
Direct USB computer to coaxial outboard DAC
No cables that will do it. Here is a converter that will covert the signal. Trends UD-10.1 USB Audio Converter 
Threshold and Magnepan
Marchand XM-44 is a very good x-over, you will need a fast sub to keep up with the Maggies. Rel subs are known to work well with Maggies. Check out to Planar forum on AA. 
Threshold and Magnepan
They will sound great, Threshold work well with Maggies and MMG are are going to sound sweet with them. 
Seach for tubes - PL519 type - help
You can switch EL519 or EL509 with a mod to your gear, these tubes have a 6.3 heater voltage where as the PL509/ PL519 have a 40 volt heater. I have not done it but have heard of a few that have with very good results. And the Russians have plenty... 
Soundstage wide and deep but not at all tall. . .
Newbee wrote: "Also, FWIW, IMHO, if you are getting a lot of soundstage width, on the plane of the speakers, outside of the speakers, you are either playing recordings with a lot of out of phase information encoded, or you have something wrong wit... 
Soundstage wide and deep but not at all tall. . .
I recommend playing with the toe in, to see if that makes a difference. If it is a problem of phase, try switching your speaker cables (at the speaker end) by putting the positive wire into the negative posts and negative wire into the positive po... 
HELP ... Mac MIni and Bel Canto DAC3 Problems ...
I found some of the same different with my benchmark dac. But I found the balanced outputs performed much better than the RCAs. Which were you using. 
which external hard disc for music storage?
I'm just taging this. Good Thread! 
What is the bias of Forte 1a?
Get ahold of Jon Soderbreg at Vintage Amp. He worked there when they were built. 
GEC KT88 single-getter vs. triple-getter tubes
Well this is the first time I saw someone saying something bad about the New Golden Loin KT88. Pretty much any review anywhere online gives very very positive results. You will find reviews saying they are as good as the real NOS KT88 and some say... 
Sumo 9 and B&K EX442
I used to have a B+K EX442, it was a low hrs factory rebuilt when I got it. It was a very good amp indeed. But when I later got a Threshold S/150 and a Forte Model6 along the way. I sold the EX442. It was a good amp but not in the same class as th... 
What is the best place to buy tubes?
I'm another one for Jim McShane