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Who has Caps on their AC lines ???
I use 2 Auricaps .47 @ 600v in parallel on all my outlets as well (DIY Power Boxes) but I'm in the process of transfering them to inside the components. I also run 3 separate isolation transformers. one on my dac, one on my CDP, + and one on my pr... 
best bang for the buck tube preamp?
Check out the entry level Tube Preamp from Space Tech Labs. some reviews can be found here and other forms that will hold it's own against those costing $2-3K all for $480. 
Audiophile Electrocution
Back in the late 70s my Buddy had his 68 Dodge Charger and the battery was dead so we hooked up a battery Charger to the battery in the Car but left the battery still hooked up to the car. Well my Buddy had to get something in the car. I should sa... 
Amp vs. preamp
Like Sgower I like to start at the speakers and move upwards as my speakers being maggies, amp choice is based on that. I am very familar with your amp + pre. as I had the 1066 pre. + 1075 amp. and it did a great job on 5.1 + movies but I listened... 
Matching pre-amp with Pass Aleph 30
I run a Space Tech labs Tube Preamp with Threshold and Forte Amps. The Forte is 47k ohms but is lower even using Balanced input which I am. Albert at Space Tech. will custom make it to your specs. to match the rest of your Gear. Super Quality, Big... 
Tube preamp $1500-2000 for a thin sounding amp?
Check out Space Tech. Labs. Really great preamps + amps 
solid state power amps, golden oldies
Threshold S/series and the Forte Model #4 would be at your cutoff point 
Benchmark Dac 1 vs Bel Canto Dac 2 ?????????????
I'll go with Kevziek on this as I run a Tube Preamp and find it mates very well the Benchmark. But I did find it was a little on the cold side and had a bit of a hard edge to it running straight to the Power Amp. Mine is 9 months old and has all t... 
Which budget SS amps use least Global Feedback?
I believe the older Threshold Amps would be worth looking into. 
Additional isolation for Preamp/ components
I also use the Firm 305 with very good results and they have a very low profile 
Paul Speltz speaker cables
I use a threshold amp + Maggies and have tried both ways, spaced apart 2" and twisted about 3 turns per ft. I find the twisted to sound better in my system, better vocals with nicer highs, soundstage seems little more open. But it was a week when ... 
Dahlquist DQ-10 capacitor values?
I used to own 2 pairs of DQ 10 1 stock + 1 with a crossover upgrade. The one with the X-over upgrade was a much better sounding speaker, much more open. Got them with the upgrade. Just my 2 cents. My move to Maggies was next. Love them DQ 10 though. 
Noise, hum and AC polarity
Do the test the same way you did the first one and you will get your readings. 
From what I remmeber reading all of the S series double down in 4 ohms. I have some info for my S/150 II which says it is also burned in for 3 days continuous into a 2 ohm load. I have a S/150 series II + a series I and the PCB boards do look diff... 
Phase Inversion in Preamplifer?
The way it was explained to me is if the preamp is inverted one must switch speaker leads + - at either amp end or speaker end. But because of the possiblity of the amp being inverted one must try both ways. Taking some tracks with good vocals, th...