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What do you replace a Benchmark with for 24/96?
Fishwater If you want a little tube warmth maybe think about put a good tube buffer between the Dac + pre. same brand as my preamp. a friend back east has the 103 tube buffer on his CD player on said it was a 30% improvement in Sonics. Bal. or RCA... 
What do you replace a Benchmark with for 24/96?
Fishwater, I know what you mean. I really like my Benchmark Dac but For 7 months ran it Direct to my amp as I found it much better than the preamps (ss,tube) I tried. But I found Magic with a New Tube Preamp from Space Tech.Labs. It put me way int... 
Can you help or do I have to get divorced?
Get some big MAGGIES and really piss her off. Get the Tympani IV and tell her it's a room divider!!! OH did you say you wanted to avoid DDDDddddd. Oh forget it I'm to late anyway 
What do you replace a Benchmark with for 24/96?
Why don't you just get a cable made up to go from RCA to XLR and use your XLR input. There are also adapters you can get for RCA to XLR. Keep the Benchmark. 
Space Tech vs. Bottlehead vs. Juicy Music???
Albert at Space Tech. will be finished building my preamp later this week. I had one of his preamps on loan for 4 days and they are very very good preamps along with the rest of his gear. Best bang for the buck hands down and custom made to your s... 
when shutting down my system the speakers squak
I had the same problem with a 25 year old Bryston 3B and was told Some amplifiers have capacitors that discharge when the power is shut down to them as well. Most of the time I just left the amp and preamp on, which I believe sounded better becaus... 
Power Strip Sound Differences. Auricaps are great!! I have these on my amp. and are supposed to be even better on Digital which I will do. They are not AC rated but many use these and have never been a reported failure. Another one is... 
Power Strip Sound Differences.
Digital gear (CDP) can put a lot of digital noise into the AC which then can enter your other gear. When you had it pluged into the wall the gear downstream was really affected by the Digital noise. You have to look at at digital power cord as a t... 
Preamp impedance mismatch with McCormack DNA2
Check out this preamp . Albert at Space Tech.Labs can custom design to meet your needs. Very Very nice preamps. 
A New Twist on the Usual DAC Question
The Benchmark Dac is a lot of bang for the buck $975. New. It has XLR, BNC, Toslink, RCA inputs. Outputs are XLR bal., or RCA. also has a very nice headphone amp for 2 built in. It can be used with a preamp or without as it has a gain dial, I find... 
Magnepan Speakers - Ribbon Replacement
1960ac check the Planner Asylum. there is some info in the archives about the process and Magnepan can be very helpful with info. Some have made a jig up and layed the wire onto the jig in a mirror image of the panel. 
Power Strip Sound Differences.
Isolation Transformer for the Digital 
Which is more important? Amp or Preamp?
I had a Rotel 1066 pro + the 1075 amp and sold them to get funds for better 2 ch. but it did a nice job on the muti ch. With your budget you can maybe pickup a McCormack DNA 1 amp with upgrades or a Threshold amp and a nice tube preamp and by your... 
Any info on Reality Check CD Duplicator
great Info Thanks Alex. Think I'll get a Disc copied and see for myself. 
Any info on Reality Check CD Duplicator
Thanks Megasam I was suffing from brain fade and checked the Archives after I posted. Great Info !!!