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Preamp inverts phase question:
I'm not a tech, are you? But I have had it explained to me by a very highly skilled Designer and I don't mean someone into DIY. As far as a article about: Google is your friend!Can you kindly offer either a technical explanation saying how I might... 
Preamp inverts phase question:
"[If my preamp inverts and my amp is non inverted then there is no need to correct the phase is that correct?]" Yes that is correct! Whether you hear a difference or not. This is the correct way. Dopogue wrote "( although I have discs where I can ... 
Preamp inverts phase question:
Most think that inverted and non inverted options on preamp is for switching back and forth for certain recording, although one can do this and it can have an affect, this is not the true nature of what it is for. It is about matching components!... 
CDP with XLR outs?
I like the idea of using Balanced connections if they are the and true balanced. My system was all true balanced conntions, until I switch speakers. I'm not complaining though, I now run have some mint Acoustat X with the Servo Tube Amps. Speaker... 
kt88 base temperature
I have used Teflon tape on some metal base tubes with good results. I believe the damping of the metal by the Teflon helps some. 
IEC inlet socket
Good idea with the teflon tape, most likely helps with damping a bit as well. 
When did Sylvania stop making tubes?
I believe they were bought out by Philips. Not sure how long they used the Sylvania for afterwards. 
Isolating digital and analog
Get an isolation transformer for your Digital! 
to buy Space Tech Lab or not to buy?
Well I don't have one of his DACs, but I do have a few pieces of Space Tech gear. I have heard a few of the different Space Tech DACs many times. The DACs are very, very, good, I hope to get one in the future, very refined, incredible detail in re... 
Your combination:AC isolation/condition devices
The choke is another filter, helps very nicely with clarity. Do a search on AA for 193L Hammond Choke. 
Your combination:AC isolation/condition devices
I use an isolation Transformer, then passive parallel filters, then a 193L choke wired into the IEC end of my power cord, to my CDP and my Dac. Great results!! 
Holographic imaging
WOW!! This is sounding like a cable thread I see on other forms. Prove it, prove it, prove it!! If you hear a difference, buy it, if you don't then move on. Or maybe ask Ray Kimber to prove his cables are better than then others. 
What is the proper way to dispose of old tubes?
Some older tubes contain mercury, a number of older Rectifiers did and a few other tubes. 
Why does my Benchmark DAC-1 keep blowing fuses?
Benchmark does have a 5 year warranty, If I remember correctly. 
Electrostat - M-L; Quad or Soundlab - reliable
Put me down as fifth for the Acoustats. Acoustat had a number of different model. Some preferred the earlier Full range models and some liked the later Spectra series and all the different models. What do I think, well I think any of them are the...