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Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
Been following your DAC adventure. Thanks for posting your thoughts on the Great line up of DACs. I am happy right now with mine, but have been thinking about getting into a Computer setup. I like what Grannyring said about the OF-Ramp, might work... 
Coincident Linestage vs CJ CT5 or Allnic L-3000
Ian Grant of Grant Fidelity is in Palliative care at this time. A very trying time for all those involved with Grant Fidelity. My thought are with them at this time. 
Tubes in the Dark?
I have 3 separate power supplies for some components, they use a couple of Mercury Vapur Rectifiers in each. Now that is a site to behold at night,nice blue glow.I know how you feel, I always listen with my lights off. :O) 
Conrad Johnson PV-10 vs. PV-11
Conrad Johnson did not use any electrolytic capacitors in a PV11 
6922/6DJ8/E88CC on B&K tube tester
I have a couple of B+H 650 testers. The setting are???6 for Heater, Socket 50, Sensitivity setting is 57. Setting are the same for all the 6DJ8 family of tubes on the 650 tester. 
Output tube radiation exposure - thoughts?
over 10,000 volts and there is risk of Xrays.I use a number a different type Mercury Rectifiers in my audio system. Some of the inserts that come in some of the tube boxes will warn you about the use if over 10,000 volts. You can find some data on... 
New or Old DAC
Should also mention that 99% of Digital gear will use switching power supplies which are known to induce noise and are very dirty as far as power suppies go. A Space Tech Dac "DOES NOT" use switching power suppies, it uses a Linear Power Supply! 
New or Old DAC
"Remember, no one puts tubes, fancy caps or resistors in the digital to analog convertor, these premium parts go in the analog output stage." Perhaps you should have said. Remember, no one puts tubes, fancy caps or resistors in the digital to anal... 
Made in Canada conundrum
With NAFTA there is no duty if the item is made in North America. Taxes are sales taxes that you would have to pay if you bought local. UPS brokerage fees are a crime at times. If one has the time (and it might be only at border towns) they can do... 
Looking for Digital Transport Recommendations
Why don't you get one of Albert's Transports with Balanced output. I demoed one for a few days and it really made a nice improvement, Clarity was outstanding, really low noise floor, very good extension, both top and bottom.99% of most digital gea... 
What footer best under cd player
A number of different roller block products out there. I have had good luck with FIM 305 
binding post break in
Give it some time and let us know. I have had good luck with Edison pure copper Music posts. When I did mine I also added Vampire pure copper gold plated RCAs. When all was said and done, I found there to be a tad more weight with the bass and mid... 
Preamp inverts phase question:
Rodman thanks for the links. I also have the 'Chesky Jazz Sampler and Audiophile Test Compact Disc Vol 1'(JD37). Great test CD for testing phase, the imaging test is very good as well, when the imaging test goes off stage far left or right, my im... 
Preamp inverts phase question:
Dopogue: I get the point about recording, but we can't do anything about what's already done, so why worry. We can control the way are gear is hooked up though, that's the point and what the OP was asking about. 
Preamp inverts phase question:
:-) lol Jmcgrogan2 wrote "One more option could be an inverted source. An inverted source with an inverted preamp and a non-inverting amp would also produce absolute phase.To make it simple, think of absolute phase as a '+' and inverted phase as a...