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Demos - To Charge a Fee or to Not Charge a Fee?
One model could be to charge a fee but to deduct that from any purchase. At least that way, the dealer gets some business (and it becomes essentially free for the buyer as long as something is purchased...) 
100W+ solid-state amps known for beautiful mids
Pass Labs XA series amp, especially the XA60.5  
Upgrade from Cardas Neutral Reference speaker cables
Stretch to Cardas Clear. You’d be very happy you did! 
What's your dream speaker?
It took me well over 20 years, but I finally have Wilson Watt Puppy’s (8’s). 
Best Speaker for classical music
It really depends… for close miked solo piano, I would pick larger Magnepan. For a full symphonic orchestra, Wilson. I’ve had both and ultimately settled on W/P8. Great for all music, but simply amazing with a well recorded orchestra. The dynamic ... 
Pass Labs XA25 vs Benchmark AHB2
@acurus yes, I spent significant time with the xa25. Compared to the ahb2, it’s definitely warmer. It’s shades in the gray scale, not black vs white... 
Pass Labs XA25 vs Benchmark AHB2
On two completely different sides of the spectrum. The Pass Labs is warmer, slightly romantic and will highlight the performance as a whole and show the room/hall size. The Benchmark is extremely transparent and detailed, highlighting the individu... 
Magico A3 vs. Wilson SabrinaX
I honestly think it must’ve been the setup... SabrinaX are quite dynamic... not as much so as the Sasha or older W/P’s, but not lacking in slam.The XA25 should be able to drive it to reasonable level. 
Qobuz or Tidal?
I have both... Qobuz sounds a bit better, but Tidal has a bit better selection. 
Should Class A Amps be left on??
Pass Labs XA60.5 that I put in standby when not playing music. Yes, they did increase power consumption slightly, but with solar panels, I don’t have an electric bill so no problem. :-) 
Your tube preamp and ss amp thread
PS Audio BHK Pre with Pass Labs XA60.5 works for me. :-) 
What Is The Most Romantic Song That You Have Ever Listen To?
“Don’t give up” - Peter Gabriel 
PrimaLuna EVO 400 Pre- Can anyone comment?
My buddy tried it with an EVO400 power amp and it sounded fantastic. Brought it over to my place and it just didn’t sound that great. Replaced the EVO400 power amp with my Pass XA60.5 and still no magic.My buddy uses Audio Physic Virgo II in a sma... 
Speaker Suggestions/Opinions
You are truly describing Audio Physic with what you’re looking for. For WELL below your spending limit you can get a pair of Audio Physic Virgo II (get the I’s or II’s, but nothing newer than that, just not as good). 
Turntable issue
Mystery solved! By removing the bearing spindle assembly, you can access two set screws which allows you to adjust the spindle height. One of the set screws was missing, so more than likely, the vibrations during shipping lowered the spindle, caus...