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Recommendation on speakers for listening to live music
If you want to recreate live music, you will need low end. There's nothing like a great live recording with full range speakers. Think larger, floor standing speakers. The MC275's should do well with reasonably easy to drive speakers. Joseph Audio... 
Considering buying a used Gryphon Diablo 250
$6k sounds reasonable for a Diablo250 in good condition. The Diablo 300 will be north of $10K (without DAC or phono, more if it has either or both). The Diablo120 seems to go for about $7-8k.   I would seriously consider listening to the Diablo2... 
“House” Character of Popular $20-$30k Speakers
I'm driving Wilson Watt Puppy 8's with a Gryphon Diablo 300. Talk about synergy!!! Ever so slightly sweet, but extremely detailed and does space (depth, width, height) better than anything I've ever heard. The bass is super tight and impactful, bu... 
Need recommendations for a streamer
I'm a big proponent of keeping the ROON computer completely separate from your audio chain.   Here's what I'm using... Roon Nucleus+ wired LAN Stack Link II wired LAN, usb out to Matrix SPDIF/2 out with i2s to PS Audio DirectStream   About a... 
D’Agostino Progression integrated
I listened to int250, progression and Diablo300. With my Watt Puppy 8’s, the Gryphon gave me the most goosebumps; just sounded the most natural, “you’re there”, and the most dynamic ( macro and micro). It was incredibly close with the progression ... 
Basic question about power/watts
It's not necessarily about the power output, but rather the ability to delivery lots of current at a low impedance. Also, not all amps are created equal to 80W from a HT receiver is VERY different from 80W from a high end amp...   As mesh mentio... 
To all of the Wilson Audio owners:
I have Watt/Puppy 8s and I would every change to a different brand it would be Magnepan. Totally different but excellent in their own way  
What speakers are you using with Luxman class A?
The 590AXII drove my Wilson Watt/Puppy 8's extremely well. Don't get confused with the power rating, it's MUCH more powerful than you would think.  
High Current Integrated Options for Manger Speakers
Second Gryphon Diablo 300. Just lots and lots of current and power. Plus amazing refinement   
Stack Link II - Owners' Experiences, thoughts etc
I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and it’s truly a remarkable streamer. I have it feed by a Roon Nucleus+ ( as the core in my network), connected via WyWire Platinum USB to a Matrix SPDIF/2 and from there a Revelation Audio i2s cable t... 
Coda or Parasound Monoblocks for Wilson Sabrina
I agree, Luxman is truly magical with Wilson. I have a L-590axii driving my Watt Puppy 8’s. No issue at all with power, it plays clean to levels beyond what my ears can tolerate. Super sweet sound, but also lots and lots of details.  
Cable brands that work well with Cardas?
I went from Clear Beyond to Silversmith Fidelium and took a step up sound wise!  
10k Towers with biggest soundstage?
Watt Puppy’s would be (and is) my choice. When properly setup, they throw a large and extremely realistic soundstage   
What is the best speaker cable for Wilson Sabrina X?
Silversmith Fidelium sounds glorious with my Watt Puppy 8’s  
Best speaker Cable matching Wilson Audio Sasha
Silversmith Fidelium sounds glorious with my Watt Puppy 8’s