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starting equiment that is cold from being shipped
I always let it sit for at least 6 hours before I connect anything to it. Gives it time to get up to room temperature and remove excess humidity that may be trapped from shipping.   Take a bit of patience, but rather be safe that make an expensi... 
Cartridge incompatibility, Soundsmith and Luxman
@atmasphere Yes, MC setting. The load is not variable however, I think this is what's causing the issue.   @russ69 Which then means yet another piece of equipment, another set of phono cables (Cardas Clear Beyond sounds amazing, but they're not ... 
Looking for small active STEREO speakers I can throw in a carry on bag and travel with
I travel quite a bit for work as well, so I can sympathize. I don't think speakers is the way to go however... first, hotel rooms are notoriously noisy and thin-walled. I won't want to annoy the other guests with my music. Plus the size of packing... 
Luxman integrated for Harbeth Compact 7's
Recessed?! I have no idea of what Luxman you’ve listened to but that’s about as far from my experience… I have a 595 and a 590 (don’t ask…) and my buddy has a 509. Very dynamic and revealing and very much engaging   
What Class A is better? SUGDEN FPA-4 or PASS LABS XA-25
Between those two... Sugden with the right speakers, but Pass is more user-friendly as it can drive/sound better with a variety of speakers.   If I could add another option, Luxman L-590AXII. Definitely sounds better than the Pass to me.  
KEF Blade 2
I’ve heard Blade2’s sound harsh and boring and engaging and sweet… they’re definitely neutral but they do require really good equipment to deliver. Best was Luxman M900’s with 509 being a close second. It seems like the Blade2’s are a better matc... 
Anyone pairing Cornwall IVs with solid state amplification to good results?
Cornwalls sound great with Luxman L-590axii  
Which Tweeter preferred- dome natural material, Beryllium/Metal or Planar Ribbon? Why?
I truly believe there’s no such thing as the best tweeter, especially if you limit to material only. The best tweeter is the one that perfectly integrated to a given speaker and the other drivers. I’ve heard ribbon tweeters that sounded odd (poor... 
Can Anyone Identify The Make of this Preamp
Could it been a Conrad Johnson, either CT5, ET2, or ART (could be GAT, but that is newer if I remember correctly)  
Cardas Clear or AudioQuest Carbon USB cable
Definitely Cardas Clear. I've had both in my system and the Cardas USB is clearly (no pun intended) superior. Warmer yet more detailed.  
What is the best pre-amp for ARC Ref 75SE amp?
PS Audio BHK pre is an amazing match to the REF75SE. I tested the REF5SE as well but the BHK outperformed it!  
Mcintosh amplifiers and preamps
Good stuff, great quality, holds its value and is reliable. Just not my cup of tea... the sound leaves me wanting for more of something, just never been able to pinpoint exactly what the something is...  
All NEW Klipsch Jubilee Horn Speakers !... Game Changer ?...
I was at AVT and yes, the Jubilee are massive and extremely dynamic, but I never felt really engaged... fun fur a short time but nothing I could live with  
How is the Pass Labs X150.5 at low volume?
No experience with X150.5, but low level listening with XA60.5’s we’re quite good.on a related note… I tried PrimaLuna Evo400 pre with the XA60.5’s and it just didn’t work well… poor synergy 
Demos - To Charge a Fee or to Not Charge a Fee?
Maybe we should define demo... are we talking in-store or home demo? If in store, no fee, that's part of doing business. In home demo, then I think a fee is perfectly acceptable (as long as that fee is deducted from a purchase). I have a local dea...