Your favorite Cello recording

Hi, I like smooth, sweet, and deep sound from Cello. I enjoy Bach's Cello suites by Rostropovitch and Starker. Of course, some of YoYo Ma's recordings. Could anyone suggest his/her most favorite Cello recordings? Thanks.
"Les Voix Humanaines" - J. Savall - Alia Vox AV9803 J.S Bach - Viola Da Gamba Sonatas - Veritas/Virgin CDM 561219 (also J. Savall) (feedback if you're pleased)
Brahms Double Concerto Szell/Rostropovitch/Oistrakh. EMI 7243 5 66954 2. The recording isn't the best but the tone of the cello interplay with the violin and orchestra is heart stopping beautiful. The overall interpretation is considered one of the absolute best on disk.
I'll give you another fine Brahms Double Concerto , and one that seems relatively ignored compared to more recent versions of this wonderful work. It's the Heifetz/Piatigorsky/Wallenstein from RCA's past Soria series. If your looking for it, don't go for any reissue. Buy an original copy. Listen especially to the second movement--oh that autumnal nostalgia !
Anything Du Pre. Most of the EMI's were also extremely high-quality. Du Pre's Elgar vs. Yo Yo Ma's was quite an revelation.
to opus88. Great suggestion. And yes the CD reissue doesn't capture the beautiful tone in the second movement but it has to be the original Living Stereo vinyl. The vinyl reissue is worse than the CD.
To Pls1: Absolutely ! You're also correct about the vinyl reissue--it's terrible. As for CDs..........
Thank you all for your sharing with me your favorite Cello recordings. Definitely, I will look into your suggestions. Personaly, one record that I really enjoy is Sonata for Arpeggione and Piano by Schubert (M. Rostropovich) Decca 443-575-2. To, I tried to buy the CD that you recommeneded. J.S Bach - Viola Da Gamba Sonatas - Veritas/Virgin CDM 561219 (also J. Savall). Somehow, it is not available on the major online CD stores. Where did you purchase it? I love to hear the piece, but I cannot get the CD. It is a pity.... Many thanks to all of you!!
Tibor de Machula, he really could play the 'cello, and Ludwig Hoelscher and Enrico Mainardi. Maurice Gendron and Paul Tortelier, not to mention Pierre Fournier...
I am at work and can't remember the name off the top of my head, but I have an analog recording of a solo Pablo Casalis doing bach cello concertos. Real gritty sound - it needs the right system to play well and I'm not sure that I own it (sounds great over at my Dad's house). With only one instrument, you can hear pull of the bow on the strings and the resonance of sound in the instrument. I like the undisguised purity and simplicity of this disc juxtaposed with the complex music being performed. Another favorite of mine, but just because I am a Vivaldi fanatic, is CD featuring Ofra Harnoy (sp?). Exquisite cello playing. Sorry I can't give the titles. I'll try to follow up when I get home.
YoYo Ma's recording of Dvorak's Cello Concerto on CBS Masterworks is a must have for me. I have others also, but this performance is my personal favorite. I agree with the Du Pre recommendations. She was truly amazing.