Help for Cello Audio Pallete malfunction

After about one year of not using my Cello Audio Palette MIV,
when I finally reconnected into my system it played fine for the first 10 minutes and then it turned itself off.That has happened about 5 times.I finally gave up.Does anyone have any idea what could have happened.Finally does any one know of any repair service or an individual who would know how to repair the unit.In the past I used Cello Germany however they are no longer around.I live in Potomac,Maryland and would greatly appreciated any responses.Thanks
Cello was a Mark Levinson (the man) production. Maybe get a hold of him and see if he can help.

He now owns Daniel Hertz SA. Use the contact link on the website I Iinked and see what he has to say.
Good suggestion by Mofi. Also, I believe the Palette was mostly designed by Dick Burwen, who apparently can be contacted through his website here.

Good luck. Regards,
-- Al
Also, try these folks.

-- Al
Al,thank you for your inputs,I have tried Cello systems,they never answer their phone nor do they return calls.I am now trying to reach Dick Burwen.When all fails I will try Mark Levinson,
Have any luck with that?

I have a colleague friend who has repaired these, Trevor at Rage Audio. Google Rage Audio. He should be able to give some tips on what goes wrong with them. 

Cheers George    



keep me posted as you contact these guys to get your gear repaired.
Did you tried to measure the output voltage from master supply? It will trip when the output too high after power on 5mins, I personally think this maybe cause by this reason!
As wiwo alluded to, it's power supply, my friend here in Australia who has repaired them said almost 100% it's power supply related, it's easy to get to and fixable, if you know what your doing.

Cheers George