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Recommended BLUES recordings
The Mississippi Fred McDowell double album on Capitol. 
Best Speakers - low volume & nearfield.
Seek out KEF Reference-II ($2700/pr or so). Their tweeter is built into the midrange driver for perfect time alignment at close range. 
Any experience with DAC/Upsampler?
I heard dcs upsampler feeding their converter and it sounded so much more like live music ('twas classical choral) than anything heard to date. It made me glad I own so many CD's and will be able to hear them in tripple the current quality as soon... 
Your Dream Band
Blind Faith 
Air Bladder Isolation, Cheap
I prefer wheelbarrel innertubes from Home Depot... 
Proac 3.8 and Audio Physic Virgo
The proof is in the listening... (I thought it was 50%). 
Proac 3.8 and Audio Physic Virgo
The thing about the Proac is the Scanspeak drivers. This 7" inch driver is the best I've ever heard. It was used in a package called the "Solist" from Madisound (WWW.MADISOUND.COM)and it just stole my heart ($1500/pr). It was demo'd at out audioph... 
How good are Kef Reference 4's
I haven't heard the Ref-IV but I adore the Ref-II. This speaker does everything a speaker should and it sounds wonderful! I.E. 1. It has a benign impedance curve so any amp can drive it (well, S.E.T's maybe...), 2. It crosses over before 200 Hz an... 
Cleaning LP's
In days of yore, the word was to clean your LP's in water and a little dishwashing detergent. I've done this with no apparent harm. If you want to go "high tech", use distilled water. Be sure water is only this side of warm and to rinse well (4 ti... 
transport dying?
Yes it sounds like a bad laser. I recently replaced one in my Sony C15ESD... Cost about $150. 
Revel VS Avalon
Boys, boys... 
Bi-Amplification advice
I use bi-amping in my system to good effect. I'm using an ARC VT-100 for mids 'n tweets (Audio Artistry Dvorak) and a Carver A/V receiver for the subs. My Dvorak came with a Linkwitz-Reiley active crossover (24 db per octave) and crosses over at 1... 
Up & Over Sampling... Continued
The drift I get from articles in the major press is that "upsampling" improves digital sound by allowing the use of gentler filters when converting to analog. Seems the cruddy sound of "redbook" digital results from the radical "brickwall" filteri... 
Your opinions on Audio Artistry?
I own original Dvoraks. They have a quite neutral sound but must be played a little louder than I can manage (apartment dweller) to sound their best. They don't image as well as I'd like (compared to, say, Dunlavy SC-IV) but huge pieces of foam in... 
Krell Amplifiers FPB?
Is it due to the new CAST series of Krell amps? You see a lot of "dumping" when a manufacturer releases the next evolution of a product -Noticed how many B&W 801's and 2's have been on the market?