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Audio/Video Rack
Osclib, you have inspired me to take a trip to Home Depot. This looks like a great table that I can design to fit my own needs. Thanks. 
What have YOU got?
Bjack70jr, how do you like the DH-Labs digital cable? I am looking to purchase one but wanted several honest opinions first. 
Center Channel Height
It's not possible for my current setup, however I will look to accomplish this when selecting a new A/V rack. Thanks for your help. 
Audio/Video Rack
Does anyone have any experience with the Standesign 4 or 5 shelf audio racks? They are available around $250-350 new. 
Best musician in the world?
Timwat, check out Birds of Fire or Inner Mounting Flame by the Mahavishnu orchestra. Some great music. Not necessarily rooted in the 1000 notes per second highly technical sound McGlaughlin's known for. Speedy, but some really moving and emotional... 
Dynaco Tube Pre-Amp
Thanks for your help Oofda. 
CD Changers
Cal Audio has a new 5-cd changer that plays both DVD & CD. 
Best musician in the world?
Timwat, have you ever heard Victor Wooten, bass player from Bela Fleck? Also, I gotta agree with you on the Pat Metheny front, he's pretty amazing. But when making a laundry list of guitarists lets not forget John McGlaughlin and Stanley Jordan. 
Bel Canto EVo 200.2 Digital Amp Owner's
I had a thread about this amp a while ago. Someone told me to check out TacT Audio's Millenium. Between all the literature and email correspondence they suggest the EVo isn't truly digital. I have 2 articles from Bel Canto on the EVo that haven't ... 
Fuzzy Lyrics
Red- I have a an entertainment center, more like a piece of furniture, which has glass shelves. The shelves themselves do not employ a sophisticated anti-vibration design, merely plastic flanges with metal posts that can be positioned at various h... 
Fuzzy Lyrics
Funny you should mention that Redkiwi, but I already performed that same test (seemed like the logical thing to do eh?) and did not hear the fuzziness, although I don't have a superstar car audio system. I just purchased some new cables, DH-Labs Q... 
Fuzzy Lyrics
Phish (Farmhouse) and a Keller Williams CD. If vibration were the problem, how come I don't hear similar problems on other discs. Vibration could very well be the problem because I haven't done much to control it. 
Your favorite Cello recording
I am at work and can't remember the name off the top of my head, but I have an analog recording of a solo Pablo Casalis doing bach cello concertos. Real gritty sound - it needs the right system to play well and I'm not sure that I own it (sounds g... 
Best musician in the world?
I agree with Bmpnyc in theory anyhow. Quincy has done all of those things. However, Frank Zappa has also accomplished these things. I do not believe he was the most talented guitar player, but he was a brilliant conductor, producer, mentor (some v...