Yemimamall anyone?

Hey folks,

I was looking for another set of Audiocrast springs on Amazon, but they were sold out.
Came across an ad from Yemimamall ( selling them and other items at really low prices.

Not sure if it's a scam.  Couldn't find much info on them so just wondering if anyone has purchased from this company.

No idea. But the same springs are sold in several different versions. I have upgraded to Townshend but originally used these from Nobsound Check out nonoise I think it was he had a big Nobsound thread a while back, bunch of people had great results with them. 
There is a newly opened store on Amazon selling the springs ($35.48 for a 4-pack shipped).

The store is JVC something.

There is another store listing them for $140/4-pack.

Appreciate the responses!
I just ordered another set from Amazon (thanks dekay!).