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Replacement platter mat for Rega RP8
Appreciate the responses! Finally found the time to look into this. Just ordered the Herbies Mat.    
most beautiful (looking) speakers
Issue with new Denefrips Pontus
I recently bought a Pontus ll that is working flawlessly.  Just wanted to mention that this level of technical responsiveness is very impressive.     
Speakers for small room
If the front left and right speakers are smaller like these: Bowers & Wilkins CI600 Series 664 6" In-Wall Speakers w/Glass Fiber Midbass- Paintable White (Pair) White CWM664 PAIR - Best Buy Would that result in a smaller (shorter?) soundstag... 
Speakers for small room
Thanks @ethos123 Hadn't considered that. He is now revisiting the GoldenEar and Focal options as they both go down to the low 50s.  
Speakers for small room
Appreciate the responses! My friend has been checking out the links. He also asked me about these: MartinLogan Motion SLM Center Channel Speaker-Audio Advisor MartinLogan Motion SLM XL On-Wall/Off-Wall Surround Speaker-Audio Advisor Would the ... 
the cart or the horse?
@ticat +1 for recognizing this and stepping up to the plate with an equally positive  reminder!  
Which DAC in the chain is playing?
Bone up? Thought that's what I just did here. Appreciate the responses. That clears things up for me. Thanks people!  
Which DAC in the chain is playing?
@lordmelton My H190 has the streamer.    
I'm confused - Different music...different speakers?
Here’s one more for you @smaarch1 Check out: DECWARE - Article about Setting up a Listening Room without Treatments I tried this one room at a time. My 12’ x 16’ foot office space most closely resembles figure 2. Harbeth SHL5+40s were initiall... 
I'm confused - Different music...different speakers?
@snaarch1 Thought I’d go from another approach. What is your room size? Untreated? Lot’s of hard surfaces? High/low ceiling? If so, I would look into that as well as a possible source of the high frequency issues. Perhaps a DSP solution? Underst... 
Which taps?
Thanks for the responses! Happy to not be paranoid about this! @big_greg - I noticed something similar with the 4 ohm taps. Texture, body, fullness seemed to be better. Always wanted to try tube gear. This Jolida isn't really a high end amp but ... 
Amp will not power off
@dynamiclinearity - it is a GK-1. Never had a tube preamp. Was always wanting to try one with my SS amps. This was a fun experiment. It was only for a few hours but I noticed differences. More with some songs than others. I know this preamp is ... 
Amp will not power off
@imhififan - Thanks just ordered one. Using the power strip for now until the switch arrives. @oldhvymec - Appreciate the photo! Do you own one of these? @lucky_doggg7  Couldn't resist the urge to click the Mark Levinson link. Now reading revie... 
Appreciate Some Dac Advice
@btscott - Three weeks now with my new Pontus II. Though I have yet to compare with other DACs, I did notice an overall improvement when bypassing the built in DAC in my Hegel H190. If it is true that there is a break in period, then I look forwa...