Worth fixing?

I have a Jolida CD 100. It is in need of repair. With shipping etc. it will probably cost around $325 for repair and shipping. I still use mostly CDs. Is it worth fixing, or what might be a reasonable alternative?
I say if you really like the player and trust the repair facility to do it right for you to experience years more of enjoyment, then by all means have it repaired.  You will not find anything new on the current market for $325.00 that is gong to have the build quality and heft that your Jolida has.

I ran into a similar situation with a Cambridge Audio 840C that the repairs would have cost upwards of $500.00.  I thought long and hard about it but decided to sell it "as is" for $225.00.  I owned another 840C at the time and the broken 840C was an extra piece sitting idle, that's why I sold it and let the new owner decide if he was going the repair route.

Are the repairs being done by Jolida? If so, and you are happy with the player, I would think the repair would pay off. You may want to ask them about upgrades as well.  
You could check with one of the companies that does mods on the Jolida to get a price for repair and upgrading. The mods include better quality caps, power supply, and isolation. I owned owned a 100A and loved the sonic signature, but thought it lacked isolation from vibration and power supply.
Nope, you can buy a NAD for that money that sounds better .
"Nope, you can buy a NAD for that money that sounds better ."

I meant for $325.00 and get the heft and build quality.

With that said, I think NAD CD player sound fantastic.  I have rotated many through my systems and my trusty C542 still trumps them all.

Put a nicely-finished decorative brick on top of the NAD 
7$ + tax at Home-Depot .

What needs repair? if it’s a laser/mech which is in most cases, you can do it it far cheaper than $325.

It uses a Philips CDM12.1 if you have a little mechanical ability it takes just 1/2hr to replace the whole mechanism with laser, not very hard at all.
And the cost is just $10-40 dollars for the whole new mech with laser. Saving you $300!!!


Cheers George