Wilson Sasha

My room is 4 by 5 meters with 3meters to the sealing. Woodend floor with a small carpet, brick wall and DaaD acoustic in the corners.
Will a set of Wilson Sasha speakers work in my room?

I use Pass Labs XA100,5, Hovland HP200p, TW Raven One with Kuzma 4point/ Lyra Titan i and Cardas cables.

My current speaker is Avalon Transcendent and for most of the time i really like the speaker. But at some point i`m missing the lowest bass (because the speaker cant deliver it). I dont have room problems with this speaker, but would like to have more beep powerfull bass.

I know that Wilson is quite different from Avalon, but i like bouth speakers. My consern is just that Wilson Sasha will be to mutch for my room.
The plasment of the speakers is 90cm to the side wall and 125cm to the back wall (from the tweeter). It`s not possible for me to have them further out from the backwall or closer to the sidewall.

Hope this information will help?
The Sasha's are highly adjustable. I doubt you'll have a issue, especially if you use a Wilson dealer to install and tune the speakers...
Hi Pierre,

Your room is good enough sized for a speaker like the Sasha. You also might want to consider a Rockport Avior speaker - about the same footprint as the Sasha and about the same retail price. I think it would be worth your while to audition the Avior if you are considering a change.
If you like your Avalons but want more bass add a pair of subs. Why
change your speakers. A pair of RELs would do nicely or even JL Audio
though I prefer the RELs coz the connection is easier and no X crossover
etc. If you want deep percussive bass, I suspect neither the Sasha nor the
Aviors will be enough. FWIW I run my Aviors with a pair of REL G1 subs
and the quality of bass ,in a room almost the same size as yours , is
All the best
I would encourage for larger power amp.
Your room may be better suited to the Sophia 3, but given your need I can see why you're looking at the Sasha. Personally,I would have the room analyzed and acoustically treated before I considered new speakers. Your equipment is very nice, the lack of bass slam might just be standing waves. Speaker placement, the listening position and acoustic treatment to remove the rooms anomalies may solve your problem.
Not possible, it will give a lot of acoustic problems. In the time I did consulting I met a few people with Wilson Watt puppy's. I still don't understand why people love these speakers. they had all the same problems. Wenn they play dynamic music the house starts to make all kinds of noise. Why choose people for speakers which give this acoustic problems. Wenn I ask this question to them, they do not know what to say. Maybe it it too confronting. Beside this it can give a deep stage, but I heard enough speakers which are superior in this part. Wenn I play my classical music on it, a violin sounds far from real. It never convinced me. A few years ago I had the change to hear the Alexandria 2 with the most expensive Ayre and Transperent cables. The best thing Wadia has these days. I listend for about 1,5 hours wiht my own music. I always start to check if a sustem can give the right dimensions of instruments and voices. I started with Nils Lofgren Acoustic life. Nils and his guitar were much too big in proportion. So I asked them why it is too big. Then they said: we had some problems witht the filter. I thought okay and I am Santa Claus! 2nd test, Jacintha is her name. Nummer 5. the crossflute need to be played a few metres behind the speakers on the left side. But they were on the same line as the voice. Wenn people do shows like this I alwsays make my comments based on facts. They are mostly never capable of saying anything on my remarks. They positive thing I want to say is that the X100.5 is a great match for Wilson Audio. I sold my XA100.5 to a person who owns the puppy 7. I found it superior then with Ayre.
What's your definition of lowest bass and/or deep powerful bass? Are you talking about sub 30Hz at >95dB, high volume levels? The Avalons you have go down into the 30-40Hz region although they won't go super loud in that area.

I second what Egrady said above. If you are severely constricted about how you can position the speakers and listening area, you may never be able to obtain really deep, smooth bass. I will note that your Pass amp isn't noted for bass slam. Also, what you're missing could be effected by your turntable/arm/cartridge setup.

Could you describe what's missing on a specific recording? Compare what it sounds like to what you think it should sound like.
People always throw money at more/better speakers when the room is the problem. The speakers and the room work together as a system. The member who suggested you get your room treated was spot-on...

Yessss roomacoustic gives the many times the biggest problems. I am in audio busienss since 1998, and in the last two years I did a lot of testing roomacoustic systems. These days I use Audessey Pro. I did a lot of testing. I use different hights then Audessey uses. These results are superior than the Audessey way. I never liked roomacoustic systems. But........Audessey Pro is the first one what knocked my down. I hated wenn you loose a lot of dynamics with these systems. But Audessey Pro does not have this problem. A few years ago I owned the Pass labs XA100.5 with the XP-20. Now I use the Pass Labs X250.5 with Onkyo PR-SC5509. The most craziest thing is that I have a wider and deeper stage than with the XP-20. It goes even further. The individual focus is better. 2nd and 3th voices of recordings are more easy to follow and point out were they are standing. Low freq. are so tight and I can play at high volums and I never get any acoustic problem. This is like a dream come true to be unnest. In the past I owned a lot of expensive stuff, but this sets everything to a new level in music. I never enjoyed music this much. I play for many hours each day so good it is. It is like an addiction. All I can say; I love it!
For those who speak of room treatment, please read my first question........ My room is treated with DaaD acoustic and as i pointet out, i don`t have acoustic problems with my current speaker ;-)

Avalon Transcent is a great speaker but it`s not perfect. It has is "errors" in the lower reigons. And ofcourse it cant play the deepest bass, it only has 7" woofers and a small cabinet..... So i`m not think about new speaker because it cant play in my room, but because i want more and better speaker (to my preferrance).

I would love to have a set of Avalon ED but it is a bit out of my pric range. Therefor i`m looking for something else. And that could maby be Wilson Sasha

I have the Pass XA 160.5 amps with small, inefficient, sealed two-way stand
mounted speakers, but when I play the Sheffield Labs Drum LP really loud, the
bass impact, articulation and speed is tremendous. I also have a small room. I
hired Jim Smith to voice my system and the system's tone, dynamics and
presence took a major step forward.

I suggest you consider hiring a really good set up guy to voice your system to
your room, at least as a starting point before you invest in new speakers. Proper
listening location and speaker placement will do wonders for your musical
enjoyment. And it is relatively inexpensive compared to a major component
Pierre - even Avalon ED is still a bit light in the bass department - atleast it appears to be so in my system - BUT, I have some room modifications to be done - so I should report back after that!!!
I have Sashas in a room similar to yours - 4.3 x 5.5 x 2.6m. They are a perfect match. Before the Wilsons, I have had the Eidolons Vision, and those too, were a little light in LF.