why the PC change the tonal on my gears.

I bought a couple brand new Prelude PCs and decided to use one on my intergrated amp. The whole system is fairly new and the sound is clean and a little bright and sharp on vocal but extremely details in the high with this PC. After A/B switching speakers, intergrated,CDP with the same ICs ( Hero) and the same PC,the sound still not the way it was ( warm, open and a little on the dark side), I switch back to the stock PC and the system sounds just the way I wanted. I don't believe in PCs effects the sound that much but I now I see PCs can actually alter the tonal of my gears. Any thoughts anyone?
I was a non-believer at first too. Now the differences power cords make amaze me. As you say, not always an improvement either. The differences I am now hearing in p/c's still has me shaking my head. From being a non-believer 5 years ago, now I think power cords impact the sound of the system more than interconnects or speaker cables do.

The stock Belden cords (PC) are a good starting point.I generally find that many PCs will improve certain aspects,but in overall performance won't equal the Belden or even add brightness or darkness.The "good" PCs will surpass the Belden,but it will require some auditionig.Some have preferred the "active Pcs " for their digiyal front-ends and low-level gear,using a standard confiuration for the power amp)s).
Jmcgrogan2, I read one of your other thread and one of the poster suggested 700 hrs breaking-in for his PCs. Does PC really need time to break-in? Please, give me your feedback. I am kind of like the clean and clear with authority sound of the Prelude PCs ( good price and well-built too )just a little sharp glare in midrange and the highs is kind of too much in details and a little forwarding. I have problem listen to Diana Krall ( All for you dedicated to FN) with the Prelude while it seems very nice with the stock PC. I don't believe in either voodoo or snake oils but if after a break-in time these Prelude PCs smooth out, I will be happy to keep them in my systems. I guess my question is " does PC need break-in time or it is a myth? Thanks
Yes, power cords need break-in time like anything else. Attach it to a refrigerator or freezer for two weeks of running time. That should smooth things out and/or you will know approximately the potential of the cord.
Andrewdoan, I tried that same power cord and it changed the sound in a negative way. System sounded very dull, undefined and with rolled off highs. I gave it a full 30 day break in and returned it. You are right, the stock cords were better!

Power cords do change the sonic signature...it's just a matter of which way you want to change it. PS Audio Prelude happened to change it in a way I didn't like.
There are lots of very good power cords though. Basically, for about the same money as PSA Prelude, Shunyata Diamondback was a big improvement over a stock cord in my system. You may want to try that on your amp. Open sounding with nice dynamics and has positive effect on soundstage and overall sonic picture. Similar to Diamondback in price and sound(smooth sounding with a bit more emphasis on mids than Diamondback), is the Acoustic Zen Tsunami Plus. Both cords should be way better than your stock cords.
Andrewdoan, yes, a power cord does take time to burn in, however 700 hours seems a bit excessive. From my experiences, you usually get a good idea of how a p/c will sound right out of the box. Generally, the cord's sound will change a bit over time, as it 'settles', but I've never heard a night and day difference as some folks have said. Usually, if a cord I've heard is 'in the ballpark', it can sound better over time. However, I've never heard a cord sound forward, have sharp glare, and too detail turn into a warm, sweet cord with time.
Sometimes burn in can take the edge off, but if the initial reaction is that negative, I don't think that's the p/c for you. There are many other good cords out there. It depends on what kind of sound you are looking for. There is a thread on the AudiogoN forums called 'Power Cord Flavors'. Maybe you could get some background reading stuff like this. Sure, it is not the Bible, and opinions will vary a bit on what aspects they look for in a p/c, but it will give you some ground work, a place to start.

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Sometimes burn in can take the edge off, but if the initial reaction is that negative, I don't think that's the p/c for you.
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I agree. I have always heard the effects of power cords immediately upon installation. If it doesn't sound right at the outset, it's not going to sound right 500 hours later. This is not to suggest burn-in doesn't occur. I just don't think it's that important to the overall synergy that a cord has or doesn't have with a particular component.
Thanks, guys. These power cords need to go then and the search for audio nirvana shall continue...Best regards,
Try the inexpensive Volex 17604 sold at Carlton-Bates.com. $5.81/ea in quantities of 2 or more. It's a silly good cord at a ridiculously low price. A good place to start.
Does any one can think of a reason if the PS prelude due to its shield contruction can damage the components in the long run ? I have read somewhere that some of the after-market PCs can restrict the AC juice to feed the components that can result the negative effects in sound quality in short term and damage the components in a long term usage.

I wouldn't be worried about any such nonsense. While I found the Prelude to be one of the worst sounding cords I've tried, it's certainly no 'danger' to your system.
"why the PC change the tonal on my gears" I have wondered about that my self as i am upgrading my pcs for both system. If pc chnages the tonal character (good or bad) why use them since presumably manufacturer of equipment must have voiced the equipment using stock cord and changing it would change the 'perfect' voicing!!

Similar comment can be applied to equipment reviewer who almost always changes to aftermarket PC/s when they review and judge the equipment performance. Would not the review be invalid as compared to what is designed with?

But few benefits of aftermarket pc could be noticed right away: low noise floor, lack of grain-perticulary upper mids and lower highs, addition of weight to mid bass and mids. These improvements though may falsely lead you to believe that overall there is an improvement...
Nilthepill, " If PC changes the tonal character ( good or bad) why use them since presumably manufacturer of equipment must have voiced the equipment using stock cord and changing it would change the 'perfect' voicing". Thank you, point well taken. I have a bad habit that I listen to a handful of CDs day after days for the last twenty years and I am familiar to each tracks on each CDs. With the El Cheapo Prelude, in " the boulervard of broken dreams" DK sounds not the same as with stock cord provided. I like my 400xi sound the way it is: warm and litlle dark but sweet, so I end up using the stock cord instead. Most of the stock cords are ugly looking as those skinny and curly serpents and a pain in the ass to get them straightened. The bottom line is I like my components sound the way they are designed for but it is interesting how PS audio PCs and its Power plants can manipulate the sound at different frequency response.
If only some one explains in a simple language that we non electrically inclined folks understand, it would help better understand why after market PC works on certain components (impedance changes?) and why don't on others.

So far my findings in my system is that it works on Power amp, Transport and DAC. Phono preamp and preamp it kind of ruins the good balance I get with previous set up.

I guess do what sounds best to you is the message!

I guess do what sounds best to you is the message!
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An excellent overall guiding principle for every aspect of the audio hobby!