I've all the gears. Whatelse do I need?

Hello everyone,
It took me 4 months to research and get all these used gears: Triangle Celius ES, Primaluna Prologue 2, and Rega Jupiter 2000. Whatelse do I need to get these guys to make sound? I already spent $3,500 for my first Hi-fi system.
I'm running out of my bullet. I'm tryig to find something under $300 or $200 if possible. Please help. By the way, I love warm sound but very detailed sound.

Thank you,
How about speaker cables, interconnects and ac power, that should help to get the sound out of that stuff.
Try electricity-but you will have to pay monthly and it may well run be more than $300 over time.
Congratulations Chulhee, you're almost there.

For speaker wire and interconnects I would look into entry level products from Kimber, Analysis Plus, AudioQuest, MIT, Cardas or Wireworld to name a few. These are well established companies with excellent products. Good luck and happy listening.

You can try some interconnects, speaker cables, and power cords from Signal Cable . That is what I use with my Prima Luna Prologue 2 and Omega Super 3 Speakers. You can also try to score a headphone amp from Creek. Then again there's always music.

Great choices.

Regards, Rich
As above if you don't have cables all of the gear in the world won't do you any good. One word of advice with cables, always buy used. It's pretty tough to damage a cable and used prices allow you to save helf or more. Happy listening!
Don't listen to these guys trying to sell you cables. It's a scam. You don't need any cables. Save your money.
Chulheekim, It is difficult to tell from your post exactly the kind of help you are looking for. You've got some good stuff and should be able to get some very good 'sounds' from it. Are you still in need of equipment? If so what kind?

Assuming you have, or will have, all of the basic equipment, proper set up is essential to getting good sound.

Inattention to room acoustics and set up will almost always result in poor sound. Unfortunately for those who don't know this, they think the problem is with their equipment and they buy and buy and buy trying solve a problem which can be solved as simply as moving a speaker a few feet or inches or deadening a source of reflections.

I don't fully understand your question.

Are you saying you have already purchased speakers, CD player and an Integrated amp and you want to know what else you need to make sound? If so, the answer is you need to connect your CD player to the integrated amp with a pair of interconnect cables, connect the Integrated amp to the speakers using a pair of speaker cables, connect the power cords to a power outlet and turn it on. Put in a CD, press play and you should get sound.

If you are asking how to improve the sound, the answer isn't that simple. Yes, cables (interconnect, speaker, power) can change the sound a bit, but we don't know what issues you have with the sound now, so it is impossible to make a suggestion. Also, we don't know what cables you are using now, so making a recommendation is futile.

Pleas clarify your question. Is the system working now? Are you getting music from the system? Are you asking for technical assistance with installing your system or are you asking for recommendations to improve the sound?

BTW, the Triangle/Primaluna/Rega combination would seem to be a very good setup, although I have not heard the combination.


a good listening room...
I had Triangle Celius 202
Unison Unico And Pathos M11 amps
Jolida 100 CD Player
Audience AU24 and P/C's
It never sounded right to me. Bright and fatiguing. One hour and your ears would bleed.
I sold all my gear and somehow found Audio Note. Day and night difference. I am sure there are other companies that are as good or better than AN but it truly was the best move I ever made. I lost money but in the end I enjoy the music so much more.
It is very good gear you have but in the end you will be found wanting.
You may be mad by now but I wanted you to know from my dealings with such gear.
The Audience I/C and P/C'S would be a step in the right direction
Kublakhan is right! I've been using my patent-pending "Air Cables" for years to listen to my air guitar, and the combo sounds awesome to me.
Sdcampbell has been a shill for those Air Cables for months now, beware!
Signal Cable, Audio Art and Mas are all excellent and you could do ICs and SC for less than $200.
Job well done! I think you made excellent choices for a good system synergy. At the level you got now, you will really start to reap some benefits of good cables and clean electricity. Any power conditioners? What interconnects, speaker cables, and power cables are you currently using?
But to really answer your question directly: What you really need now to make those guys make sound is lots of good redbook music!!!
I'm sorry I didn't make clear what I need.
I need cables to hook these guys up with.