Resale value of BAT gears

It seems there are a lot of people who love BAT products. I'm one of them, but just a little confused about their resale value. Just saw $5000 VK-5i selling for $1600. Although the unit's been discontinued, the price seems ridiculous. I feel that the performance of BAT gears are way up there with other brands such as McIntosh, Conrad-Johnson, and Audio Research, to name a few. But these brands resale values are much higher. Why?
That unit sold in about an hour. Motivated selleer.

I've had one for sale for a month at $1825. Don't know why it hasn't sold yet. 2 months ago I was being offered $1850 and was holding out for $1950, bad move. I guess it is just the laws of supply and demand. The 5i IS a great preamp so there were probably many of them sold. Now many people are moving up to the 50SE like I did. That puts lots of 5is on the market. I firmly believe that the 5i competes with or outperforms any preamp available on the used market for less than $2500 and will hold out for a good sale price (e.g., >$1600)
The 5i isn't bad, but the 30 beats it, for less $, IMHO. Used vk30s are in the $2000-2200 range usually.
I had a 3 weeks old BAT VK-60 for sale a big loss. The amp is great but I don't use it since it's not enough power for my inefficient Thiel speakers. I accept the loss and get whatever I can from it, rather than getting nothing from not using it. Motivated sellers priced to sell fast.
Moral of the story is: Buy well and BUY USED!
The price in the 1999 used audio gear book was 2500.00 I can see where 2 years later its down to 1500/1800.
BAT because of there very high cost of factory upgrades have poor resale value.Its great gear and a steal at its used price.Just be happy with it and dont long to get a factory upgrade.
Just like a car when you drive it off the lot. I think alot of the other gear is over priced, used that is. I've tried the AR, classe and afew others, don't understand how they kept their value, but they do. Not my taste but apparently many others enjoy it. My thing, if I can't get a good deal on used then I rather buy it new. Bat does make great gear and I'm happy with the used prices for the equip, if the used price was more I'd probably look else where. Take for instance a new vk30 with remote 3,500 retail, from the local dealer which I have a great repor with he would sell it to me new for about 3,000; possibly less. When I decide to go shopping for a used one I would not dream of paying more than 1,900 off the net and I'm not sure if I'd spend that. My dealer sold me a new vk200 (retail 2,500) for 1,800. He told me to take it home and if I liked it to give him 1,800 for it. And he the 1,800 for 2mos. Great dealer with a payment plan. He offer me the vk500 w/bat pack used for 2,500, just wanted to move the used for the new stuff coming in. Going back to Oct 2000 here on audiogon dkruip offered me a used vk30 w/remote in mint condition for 1,800, I should have bought it. Dkruip was extremely helpful to me in choosing my components. I guess the moral of the story is there is plent of used gear out there at an affortable/fair price so why pay those high prices. good luck pete
If a seller wholesales his BAT gear so be it.
I own both the VKD5 CD player and the VK50SE preamp.
Both bought used at what I thought were great prices for the quality. There's alwas going to be a "new and improved" model no matter what the brand. Trick is to find the ones that are really "improved".

IMHO, lots of new gear today is the same wine in a new bottle. I listened to a pair of $30,000 line sources today at a dealer. Were they better than my 17 year old Infinity RS1's.....NO.

I went home with a smile on my face, wallet intact. Your mileage may vary!

Paul you are so right about my mileage varring. Since I started this upgrade thing, I think I put more miles on my car going to dealers than going to work. pete