Why does streaming need to be so complex

Been struggling for a while now. I simply want the best source for my Apple Music subscription, Tidal Hi-Fi subscription and now Amazon Music HD subscription. I really don’t care about a DAC as I am using an external Benchmark DAC. Got a revealing system using Sim Audio power amp and Von Schweikert speakers. Currently using Apple TV and Fire TV through my OPPO 105 HDMI in and Coax out to DAC. Both sources are not capable of passing Hi-Res. Raspberry PI solution though good needs technical skills, Aurelic product does not support Amazon Music HD, list continues with audiophile streamers missing some functionality or the other. 
The only decent streamer out there that covers it all is Bluesound node 2 and 2i and they continue to keep the customers in mind with updates. Is that the only option out there? Am I stuck with building my own using Mac mini or Raspberry PI? Budget is $1500. 
Eric I still run Logitech Media server for the same basic reason. I added Plex a few years back.  I will probably wait to see what happens with amazon hd music integration into various platforms in the immediate future and go from there but I already have access to more great sounding streaming music than I will ever have time to listen to.  Great times to be a hifi and music lover.  
@mapman, glad to see I'm not alone. I still run LMS as well and use Plex more for concert movies. I even figured out a way to use IPeng player on my phone so I can airplay to the speakers on my deck, but it doesn't always work right.  My buddy has a great collection of live stuff that he gives me access to through Plex. 
My Squeezebox must be almost 15 years old and still works great. 
My son attend college. So I have the student discount subscription of Tidal which is cheaper than Amazon HD. Also I was lucky to get the Oppo205 before they close down. I am streaming MQA through 205. They removed Tidal App from 205. So I will keep the 105. It is so nice that I can browse Tidal using my iPad. Aslo Oppo is a universal SACD/CD/Blueray player. I have collection of SACDs. I can't use an outboard DAC to do DSD. I am planing to do a ModWright for my 205. I have heard ModWright 105 and like it a lot.
I have a Bluesound Vault 2i and it has literally changed the way I listen to music.   It changed my life........
I’m hoping “5G” will simplify streaming. Perhaps eliminating the need for “Cores” and permitting cloud storage.