Power Conditioning in Apartment Complex.

What, in your opinion, is a sensible way to go about power conditioning in an apartment complex? I am about to make such a move in a couple of months and am thinking on how to handle this. I own a Tice AV Solo conditioner and bought a 20 amp, hospital grade, isolated ground outlet. I have been considering the Quiet Line filters after reading Abertporter's experience on another thread.

I will sincerely appreciate your feedback, for this is going to be in Chicago Metro...
if your concern is the consistency and "cleanliness" of the power you'll be getting from your outlets, i'd suggest you replace your tice solo with an ac regeneration device, such as those made by ps audio. such devices take the ac power from the outlet, convert it to dc and then back to ac, some in a selectable range. there are a number of similar devices offered by different manufacturers, all of which have been written of in other threads concerning power conditioners v. surge protectors, etc. i have a 10-year old ac regenerator made by cse, a japanese company, that i'm likely to replace with a ps 600 after i've made a few more system upgrades. they really work quite well, even if you have dedicated outlets. (i only have 5 to albertporter's 14). -Kelly

ps- your recent threads have manifested a true interest in gaining knowledge of highend audio. I apologize for having mistaken your intentions in earlier posts.
I know a few folks in Chicago that live in apartments and they have all had good luck with the Monster HTS-2000. While i'm not familiar with your Tice or its' capabilities, you might try one of the Monster's since they can be had so reasonably priced ( less than $150 including shipping ). Then again, the Tice might already be better than the Monster so long as it can supply all of the current that you need.

I would think that it would be best to first try to clean up the direct supply coming into the equipment and THEN filter out the residuals via the Quiet Lines. Sean
Psychic: I use two of the HTS2000's in my setup with very good results. I live in LA wich should be on par with Chicago (except the women are a little thinner:-). The Monsters do not change the tonal balance in my system, just get rid of some of the hash on my digital based system. I have not tried the other Monster conditioners, but the HTS2000 is said to be the one to get (not the higher end models) if you check the feedback on the web and it was designed by a guy who ended up with MIT. I think that I mentioned the mods to you that I will be trying with mine (added male IEC for using after market PC's and upgraded P&S outlet plugs) and will let you know if they are worth it in my situation. I purchased mine online for $125.00 each plus shipping.
Mr Dekay, did you mod the Ht2000 yourself or have it done somewhere? How much if elsewhere? If you did it yourself, is it difficult?
JT: I am doing it myself (and I am not a DIYer), so wait for the results. To open the case I will have to drill out two rivets on the bottom of the unit (the rest is screws). I would like to secure the male IEC within the casing (but since I have not popped it open, do not know if there will be enough room. Regardless, it should be a fairly simple operation for those with more experience than myself. I will be using an outlet tester from RS to check that I have made the connections properly. I double checked the work of an electrician (with the tester) who replaced some outlets in our apartment and he had wired one incorrectly, so I figure that this will work for me. I wonder if Kevperro would be interested in the mod, if it makes a difference, as he has all of the skills required (he could become the Stan Warren of the HTS2000:-)? I still need to pop the unit and see if the P&S outlets will fit as well and if not then find a good replacement. I hope to have it either acomplished or failed within the next month (I just found a local source for the P&S supplies.
PS: I also have two identical (to my ears anyway) units and will mod one and then do an A/B with the stock version. Differences in sound are not always better, they are just, well, different.
Thanks, please let us all know how much you are charging for this mod when done :-) Even if very easy, as a general rule, I really don't like viewing the guts of any of my equipment. (I admit it, I'm squeamish) With the exception of a SMc amp I once owned, every insides I've ever peeked at has made me want to sell immediately because of my disappointment on how it's all built. Right this minute I have a $3500 digital job sittin (unplugged) on the rack that I'm thinkin about selling just because I lifted the hood on it the other day and I'm still not over it (I knew better). From now on I'm outsourcing ALL surgeries.
I know the regenerator would be #1 choice, but right now it's not in the budget...need to finish modifying my new Technics turntable, need speaker stands and am setting up a separate home theater rig for the same room as the audio.

Dekay, I bought both Protons: the 600T preamp/video tuner w/remote and the 690 Multichannel Sound Decoder for $40!!! Also an Audio Control 5 band/ch EQ in mint condition for $20...Now I'll need another line conditioner.

There's some guy in Audio Asylum selling a line conditioner kit. Any good?

Now the audiophile question: Can an isolation transformer be used in front of the line conditioner? If so, would it be worthwhile?
JT: The units only cost $125.00 (so mo big deal as long as the place is still standing after I am through (my SET went to a "real" shop for repair and maintenance). I do not consider the mod work worth $65.00/hour, otherwise I would have sent it out. You would love the Bel Cano DAC for its no bullshit housing. Even if you don't need it, pick one up anyway and just put it in the china cabinet.