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1) Upgrade source, Qobuz 96/24 is the start point, or SACD1) Upgrade speakers will give you the best SQ improvement. Newer speaker not necessary better. You will find many decent used speakers on used market. That also include speaker placement, r... 
DAC upgrade from Modi 3 for Senn HD800 system
A used Oppo HA-1, $1000-1200 used. get a XLR balanced silver wire. 
SACD Multichannel player - $400 budget
Oppo 93 
Aurender MQA update worth it?
$50 I would update. MQA is a lossy HiRes streaming. I has Qobuz before and I generally feel SQ is better Tidal MQA. But Qobuz cost me 20 Euro vs $9.99 for Tidal Hifi MQA (student discount). So I switch back to Tidal. I am using Oppo 205 so MQA dec... 
Streaming vs. CD
They offter the same SQ and enoyment. I will buy the CD I think is I like the most. The rest will all rely on Tidal or Qobuz streaming. Saving shelf space and constantly get the new release update. Modern recording quality is much than before. So ... 
What is the best BNC Digital Cable under $4,000?
4K USD I will get a used baby grand piano. No electronics just acoustic wave to my ear. 100% pure music. 
What is the best BNC Digital Cable under $4,000?
Crazy. Even the best recording studio doesn't have $4000 piece digital cable.  
Qobuz Users Update?
When you use your cellular phone to streming Tidal and Qobuz, you want to make sure it is streaming at least Tidal MQA and 96khz/24bit. Some cell company will cap the streaming rate. many times, the iphone will streaming at lower bits rate and lis... 
Preamp/DAC with an analog input
Oppo HA-1. has one pair of XLR and one pair of single end RCA input for pre-amp. It is a class-A preamp and earphine amp. mainly it is a DAC based on ESS9018 which is very good DAC for DSD and Hi_res music. 
Confused About Relative Sonic Impact of DAC VS. Transport
Just use Tidal or Qobuz. No transport and cable. Just need a decent DAC 
Sorry to ask this SACD question, but
With Oppo, you have two options: DSD or PCM play out. I can't hear any SQ difference. You can navigate through the setup. Don’t use variable out, use XLR fix line-out which give you the best SQ.  
Computer to DAC Streamer
With oppo 95 105 205, you can always connect to a external hard drive (preferable SSD) . All oppo player has XLR lineout (fixed) and high bits DAC (192/24). No computer needed. 
Computer to DAC Streamer
Oppo Sonica streamner or Oppo 105 (has a Tidal bulid in App) to skip coumputer. Or Mac Mini to DAC which many audiophile are using. change Mac hard drive to SSD and you will get  a low noise computer. 
Qobuz Users Update?
i have Qobuz and Tidal. Like SQ of Qobuz. Tidal MQA SQ is next. However, On the road, my my cell phone cant keep up speed with Qobuz, sound freq drop out. Tidal MQA is still good. Also I have a student discount with cut Tidal to $10/MONTH . So I a... 
R2R Dac choices.
Schiit Modi Multibit DAC. $199 a piece I believe. it is a 16bit R2R DAC. Good enough for casual listening (red book, tidal streaming).  You Oppo203 has a delta-sigma DAC which is very good for DSD. So a 16bit R2R will be a good combination with yo...