Who asked for this?

I personally think the new 2-album 45 rpm craze is a PITA and that the record companies could have brought out a product that was 98% as good on one 33.3 rpm disc. Who wants to clean and store and extra disc with every record? Well, the vinyl industry must have heard my plea and is now releasing an even bigger abomination: FOUR single-sided 45 rpm discs per record. I'm sure you can't wait to get your hands on this stuff so you can spend even more time screwing around with the records and less time listening. (nothing personal - just a rant)

I know you're just ranting, but have you "heard" these new releases? I have (4) of the new Classic 45 RPM Box Sets on the new Clarity vinyl formula and they are terrific. YES, they are a pain in butt to have to clean more records and change the album side every few minutes, but boy, do they sound good. I say it's worth the hassle, but that's just my opinion...
No, I haven't heard them and I doubt I will. I have several of the new 45 rpm reissues and some are very good. However, I have numerous 33.3s that I think are equal in quality without the extra fussing. Even assuming that someone thinks 45s are better, is it really necessary to go to 4 single-sided discs?
MoFi - they may well sound excellent, but do you really think it's because they used 4 single-sided discs as opposed to using 2 double-sided? Or one 33.3 disc made with equal care and expense?
I have to agree with you to a degree. I have a lot of two album 45rpm and a few of the Clarity Vinyl sets. They do sound nice. But, my best sounding LP's happen to be very well done 33 1/3. I would like to see higher quality 33 1/3. I don't mind changing the record on the 45's but am getting tired of having so many vinyl disks. I love my vinyl and if I only had one source it would be vinyl, but I think we are going to suffer from the retro bandwagon trends for awhile due to it's new found popularity.
I don't have any, but I don't doubt that they (can) result in the best LP sound possible. The science of it just makes sense. I wouldn't mind the extra fuss, cleaning, etc. It would be worth it for superior sound. it's the price that keeps me away, too many discs in the box.
There are technical reasons why 45rpm discs could sound better than 33/⅓s, but one reason for the proliferation of 45rpms is that the number of craftsmen who know how to cut long playing sides has greatly diminished due to retirement and death. For the same length of music it is easier to cut a 45 than an equivalent 33⅓ at the same level of fidelity.
I have quite a few both single and double sided and the sound is definitely superior to the 33. In many cases it isn't even close. It simply is not physically possible to equal what can be done with a 45 when you slow it down to 33. I agree that I would pefer less discs for the sake of convenience, but if you want the best possible sound and have a vinyl playback system capable of extracting what these discs have to offer then this is it, warts and all. I would also prefer the convenience of ditching the vinyl all together and playing little shiny discs but that results in inferior sound too.
Why the neurotic audiophile community asked for this and anything else that ramps up the cost of software while being as ergonomically hostile as possible.
It seems to me that a HUGE benefit to the single sided LP's would be not having to put the playing side down on the platter.
If no-one bought them, them they would not exist for very long. 45 rpm long play have been around for many years.. they just are making more of them because somebody is buying them. (I own zero.. except a few 45rpm 12" singles)
I would think it would not matter? As for me, no-one is forcing me to buy any, and thus I could care less.. After all.. I spend my money on used LPs (though the used CD market is spectacular right now for buyers.. with a huge number of used CDs at $1 or $2 a pop. I have been filling in my Rock and Roll collection with hundreds of five star (All Music Guide) rated CDs.)
Look at it this way, that 'BLANK' side is awesome for setting proper antiskate!
Chayro, I'd say quite a few, they tend to sell very very well. It doesn't interest me, I don't have that kind of money. But many people do.
I've heard a few Blue Notes, and yes, they do sound great.
Since you don't own any I'm not sure what your rant's about, but have fun with it anyway....
So you can't rant about slavery if you don't own slaves. Interesting.
Sorry, Viridian, NOT a good analogy...very interesting indeed...
well if you are a CCR fan get the 45 box set. it is worth every PENNY($) just for "suzie Q" or "peoud mary" among others. you have not heard the power of vinyl until you hear a recording such as these. then there are used 45s like roxy music's tribute to lennon "jealous Guy". not a roxy fan but it sounds great. point being when done right 45's take you to the next level. AND IS THAT NOT WHAT VINYL IS ALL ABOUT!?
I just did an "A-B" of the Classic 45RPM edition of "Satchmo Plays King Oliver" with my 1960 Murry Hill reissue box set containing the same album. The Classic Records is shadow of the sound on this old thing I bought for $5 (for 3LPs) at a garage sale.