A suggestion for an often asked question: Europas

At the risk of starting another Europa thread....
It seems to be an often asked question, "which amp/integrated works well with the Europas?". This can be a difficult question because of the wide range of systems that these speakers find their way into, from value oriented systems up to quite expensive rigs.

Anyway, I just wanted to chime in for the Consonance B2000x. There is little/no information on this integrated within these forums, but I have found that it is an outstanding match for the Europas.

I was using an NADc370, and it was just not getting it done for me. It held its own in its price range, but it just wasn't a great match. Finding a suitable integrated with a price between the c370 and the $1000+ crowd was more difficult than I expected. But I found the cost of the B2000x to be a digestible step up, basically right between the two, and the amplifier power is right in the range that Roy recommends for SS amps powering Europas.

I may write a review at some point, but in short, it was a very large improvement across the board. In particular, much greater detail, soundstage depth/width, and overall presence. Build quality is also outstanding at this price point, with remote volume control.


P.S. I have no financial interest in Consonance, their dealers, or GMA.
The Europas deserve (obviously you've found that out) more than any NAD is capable of. I have no experience with the Consonance, but I, presently, own an integrated NAD (320BSEE) for my home video system.
Yes, I agree Warren. I Changed out my C370 to a Manley Stingray. This amp delivers the insight and rich texture that the Nad cannot bring to the Europas.
Of course, it would only be fair to point out the considerable price difference.
Agree with both of you. This speaker appeals to such a broad range of budgets that I think a lot of people (myself included) attempt to use more budget-minded amplification. In other words, I'd say there are far fewer people trying the c370 with a pair of Revel M20's or SF Concertos.

This isn't to knock NAD, I should note that the amplifier section of that thing is a BEAST. But it does not do excellent monitors like the Europas, M20's, SF, etc any justice whatsoever.