Which upgrade should be my priority?

I was going to buy a new integrated amp to replace my Yamaha receiver,but money is tight right now. My choices
1)Atacama Audio Nexus 6 speaker stands ($160)
2)New Power Cord for Music Hall MMF CD25 cdp. ($100)
3)12ft.Speaker Cable to replace 6yr old Monster 12 gauge($100).

Please let me know which I should upgrade first, what product you recommend,and if you have any experience with your recommendation. Thanks a lot for your help on my other threads.
Save up for the AMP.
For calbles check out www.diycable.com.
Really save for an amp.None of this will do any good till you raise the bar of your goods.
If the foundation is broken, why fix the roof.
I was going to say I agree with Natalie, but if your speakers are on wobbly shelfs, or worse then speaker stands would probably make an appreciable improvement.
For me power cords are a 2nd order effect, and speaker cables can be DIY for little cost.
So, if speaker placement is currently very bad get the stands, else save for the amp. speaker placement, and the way speakers are suspended make big differences to the sound.
Stands can make a big difference if your speakers are not well placed currently. Get them out into the room and avoid having much between them if you can. Proper placement can greatly affect the soundstage - much more than wires/cables.
I agree. Save up for the amp unless your speakers are poorly positioned and you plan to keep the speakers for a while. There are some really good deals out there right now for some nice integrated units (I thought I saw a pretty nice $300 piece -- Luxman? -- plus there are quite a few in the under $500-600 range). Getting a new amp will make a big difference. Good luck.
thanks guys,anyone own atacama stuff or can recommend any other good speaker stands?
Personnaly I give natalie my vote.The other tweaks are a waste of money if the signal isn't there to begin with. You are obviously looking at the right web-site to do just that.
Find a good pre-amp and amp and build from there then any tweaks will bear fruition.
If budget is tight, you could use cloth-covered cinder(sp?) blocks, so you can save for an amp. I used to have a pair of stands that were work well, sand-fillable for ~$80. I think the brand is Premier. They are often sold with Paradigm monitors. Call Hillcrest Hi-Fi in Dallas, they'll know what it is for sure.
You might consider a dedicated circuit from your service panel with hospital grade outlet. All of the other upgrades will be much more effective with this upgrade. Cost should not be more than $150.00 if you hire an electrician, less if you can do it yourself.

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I'm with the others. Lets reedit.

1) Speaker stands ($50-whatever)
(wood can be nice if done well, if you do metal it must sand filleable. I've used the Cinder blocks myself, I feel like a tweek saying this, but turn them so the holes are facing you--should minimize diffraction more)
2) Acoustic Treatment (<$75)
3) Cables (DIY)
4) Deadening speaker cabinets w/ dynamat (<$50)

These'll get you mileage until you get your better components. Decide which ones you can use in your system since you didn't specify your speakers or other things. Look up the older threads like, "best cheap tweek" "best inexpensive tweek" etc.
I, too, resoundly agreee with Natalie. I like the roof analogy he used. Stands were mentioned, and I know, from experience, and the science of resonance transference, how critical the stands are. Infact, they are as important as any of the other components in your system. Poor stands have a deleterious affect on your music, that many times is attributed to other components. It not until you have killer stands that you truly hear the difference. This is what has happened to me. I own, now, a speaker support system by Star Sound Technologies (Audiopoints). You've heard of Nordost Valhalla cables? These are the equivalent in the speaker stand arena. I'm going to do a review, soon, because I am so truly amazed what they are doing for my system. They are based on a completely differenct science than all the other stands out there. I know this is hard to believe, but the stands you all know and love, (I won't mention any names) are doing, regardless of how costly, more to degrade your music. Cosmetics seem to be the most important thing to many manufacturers, with dampening as their main goal. Star Sound Technologies believes that vibrations are good. Music is a vibration. Just give these resonances a place to go. Cosmetically, by the way: Beautiful. Like nothing you have ever seen. This is cutting edge stuff and truly remarkable. Stay tuned. I'm not a shill for Star Sound, just a very happy audiophool, who wants to spread the word about something cutting edge.

PLEASE....PLEASE..... Change your speaker cables! I cannot bare to think about what you have ARRRG. Go to Home Depot and get some 18 Gauge Bell type wire use three straight wires per conductor.
Make your own speaker stands and save some money for a tube amp.
For less than 500$ you can get a modified Dynaco tube amp (here on the GON) that has dam good sound and is quite cheap and easy to maintain.

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there are some AQ Slate speaker cables on sale at AudioReview for 60% off. 10ft pair for about $100 w/shipping, I think. The only bad part is theyre terminated with spades and my receiver(Yamaha) and speakers (PSB Alpha)
can only accept pins. So which should I get speaker cables on sale or speaker stands?