Recommendations on what I should listen to with my new TIDAL account......

Ok....I'm going to be getting a new Streamer and registering for a new Tidal account very soon.
I typically listen to pop/rock, country, etc.....I've never really paid much attention to Jazz, Classical, New Age, etc.
Can anyone suggest their absolute favourite piece of music that sounds good on TIDAL....that is either Jazz, Classical, etc....that a newbie can appreciate?  I'm just starting out and want to listen to some well recorded pieces to introduce me to other music... With 25 million choices on Tidal, I need a place to start!
A word of warning regarding Tidal, their library of classical and jazz is not very deep. That’s why the 30 day free subscription is a good option.
Tidal leans heavily to rock, pop, and hip hop. Don’t know about country.
Qobuz is new in the US and has a good selection of classical and jazz, but less rock.
Deezer UK has less titles, but has a good amount of all genres.
The collections on all streaming services is constantly expanding.

Sign up for a free 30 day trial. You can discover new music by selecting a genre and start a stream by hitting play. For classical it will stream a concerto, a sonata, a movement from a symphony. If you like what you hear, select it and listen to the entire composition.
Or type in the artist’s name and all the available albums and songs will be displayed.

Jazz:Miles Davis "Kind of Blue" & "Bitches Brew"...
John Coltrane:"Blue Train"...
Melody Gardot..Madeleine Peyroux......

 Classical:Mozart "Serenade #10 for Winds"...
 If Tidal has a "Shuffle" function do as I do & simply use the above selections as the base song & let Tidal open an entire world of new music & artists for you...Enjoy...
Greg Brown - most of it
Hans Thessink - most of it
Tony Joe White - later recordings
Patti Smith - Gung Ho
Walter Wolfman Washington - My future is my past
The Teskey Brothers - half mile harvest
Guy Davies - sweetheart like you
Puccini:Turandot  zubin mehta sutherland caballé pavarotti
roland van campenhout - dah blues iz-a coming 
lyle lovett - anything
gregory porter - liquid spirit
Free - Live, fire and water
jane monheit - taking a chance on love
shelby lynne - just a little lovin'
cassandra wilson - all of it
roberta flack - early recordings

just to get you started. Tidal is fantastic.

and you need to be pretty big jazz nerd not to find what you are looking for there. 
classical is there too, but can be a bit hard to find. tidal will give you lots of new music.
Harry Manx, his Desert Island Collection, or his Wise and Otherwise album