Which test CD was this...

I once had a test CD from Stereophile or Chesky, and I'm looking to replace it. It featured a track for speaker placement. A center image was followed by the same image slightly to the right, then more to the right, etc. The same existed for the left channel. Which CD was this?
xlo treatment disc.
The Rives test cd also has the same features in music tracks toward the end.

Jim S.
i have this disk on the chesky label. it is called:

chesky records/jazz sampler vol. 1 chesky jd37

i hope it is still available.
I am betting that Mrtennis has figured out which disc you are referring to. This disc starts with some very well recorded jazz tracks from Chesky's catalogue, follows with a section of listening tests and finally a collection of test signals.

The stereo imaging section includes a speaker talking from various positions on the soundstage, including a position that should appear well outside of the speaker position (a trick done with time delayed out of phase cancellation). It also includes the speaker talking at various distances from a centerstage microphone (depth test). The next part of the CD includes a test signal that sounds a bit like crickets chirping. The signal should sound like it is rising vertically out of one speaker, then arching overhead and toward the other speaker before descending into that speaker. This test also has the chirping sounds moving side to side, again, from positions well outside of the speaker location.