Which usual suspect TT in $1500 range.

I have a Rega Planar 3 with an arm designed explicitly for the ADC XLM Mk II which has been my reference cart for 3 decades. No real styluses available so must make a change.

Narrowed it down to 3 TT's in range of what I want to spend.
Cart will be Nagoka MP-200 which weighs 6.5 grams , low-medium compliance at 20 , which I will track at its max
of 2 grams. I listen to Classical Music only on vinyl.

1. SOTA Comet
2. Clearaudio Concept
3. VPI Traveller

I like the looks of the SOTA for whats that's worth.
I am guessing you have an ADC LMF 1 or 2 tonearm. I used to have one and used I with the same cartridge. Great combination.

Have you considered using a different high compliance cartridge? Maybe Shure or Ortofon?
Take a look at the 'U Turn' tables, great value, great sound?
Good guess Jperry, a LMF 1. The Planar 3 could no doubt use a complete well and bearing clean-up which to do right is a major hassle.
I did not know any current Shure or Ortofon Carts were in the 50u + of an xlm.

Buconero, never heard of them , will take a look.

Thanks Guys.
SOTA Comet Mk 4 is a great! budget deck. Its completely reworked with real wood plinth and 301 arm, I have one in for a review on TNT Audio (review wont be ready foranother month) but I urge you to check out the new Comet! I like it better than the RP3
My friend has the Comet with an SME arm .It is a real nice table so I also recommend it!
You might want to speak to Andy at the Needle clinic or Soundsmith for recommendations on a cartridge, or they might be able to do something to repair your ADC cartridge.
The XLMs were indeed special carts. I still have one somewhere around here.
I have a Traveler and am very happy with it. Great build and sound,
Small correction - 20cu is the static compliance of the MP200. Dynamic cu is 7.2 @ 100Hz. This translates to approximately 16 cu @ 10Hz. This makes sense with a max VTF of 2g. I'm not sure if it will make much difference on the arms you're considering, but you should be aware.

I understand the new Travelers have speed stabilization circuitry and a 10" arm. I can't say I've compared these tables, but the VPI looks more appropriate.
Look at used. A VPI HW-19 IV will run mid-$1K with a decent Jelco-sourced arm.
Not a bad idea Bpoletti. Can always get serviced in USA as well. Main reason I ain't getting any Project or Music Hall.

I 've always liked Jelco as well.
Used VPI Scouts are in the 1200-1400 range

Used VPI HW-19 MK 3's in the $1K and Mk 4's in the 1200 range

Used VPI Scoutmaster's in the 1500-1700 range.
IMO the best sound for $1500 would be a used Rega P7. Of the new tables mentioned I would go with the Clearaudio Concept.
As an owner of a used HW19 mk iv with the jelco arm cant be beat. Easy to use, modify, upgrade, fix and sounds great and around 1K.
Schubert, a few years ago, I "rediscovered" MM/MI cartridges;
thanks to "you know who". Among many others, I bought a
NOS XLM MkII which sounded great until one channel went out (about five
hours!). I can't imagine that the problem is the stylus which looks perfect,
but rather an internal wiring problem. If you are interested, send me your
mailing address privately and I will send you the stylus. If you want it it's
Frogman, you are a great guy!
You may want to audition the new Rega RP6 at the asking price, a big step up from your P3.
New double brace technology, dead quiet 24V motor with the supplied TT-PSU, new RB303 tonearm.