Which moving magnet cartridge mm 4 vpi classic?

I just rediscovered vinyl because of this table, now I would like to try an mm cartridge for this tt and 10.5i tonearm. What would work best? Looking for a lasting purchase.
The Sumiko Blackbird is a high output, (2.5mv) MC, so it depends on the gain of your phono stage, if that would work. It is a great sounding cartridge. If you can use a HOMC, the Dynavector DV20XH is fantastic.

The Audio Technica AT150MLX is a wonderful MM cartridge.
Clearaudio Maestro or Virtuoso wood are excellent on the Classic 10.5I se

I also like my Dynavector HO 20X MC. Its designed to mate with a MM phono stage for loading at 47K, so it's not a finicky coil.
Don't skimp on the cartridge. The turntable deserves the very best.
The AT is a good place to start, especially if you can find a real low time used one for 200-plus or minus, or a real good net discount on it. Set up correctly it is good for transcribing LPs to other media like digital or even tape, as it does better on garage sale finds that some others. Lower surface noise and perfect tracking of inner tracks on a disc. Some others sound as good(better?) but just do not play as well with worn discs or such. It is the AT diamond stylus that gets the info out of the grooves. Are you gonna always be playing just expensive new releases, new reissues, etc? Research others posts and info about the capacitive loading for this cart. and maybe concerns in really bright sounding systems.
I started with the Blackbird, then when I wanted to try another LO cartridge, I had to get a step up transformer too.

But, I dont' think the Blackbird is going cheap at all with the Classic. i loved the combo.
Doubtful you could make a mistake buying a new Clearaudio MM Cartridge in your price range. They are known, and said to be very fine Cartridges.

There is the small possibility, even with a HO MC, that you may be yearning for more gain in your phono stage. Generally, if it is a MM Stage, the MM Cartridge will be a safe bet.

As Bill Feil once said here, that he'd rather place a pretty decent cartridge on a world class table-arm, rather than place a world class cartridge on a half way decent table-arm, and I believe there is much truth-logic in that reasoning. Mark
Ortofon 2M series. Depending on the model series from $100 - $669. Have it a try....Happy listening
Last I knew, HW recommended Dynavector and Grado cartridges with his arms/tables. Any chance you can audition any models from these two to see if they might suit you?
Dear Pedrillo: There are several options on the MM/MI cartridge side ( like the ones that other people posted. ) even in the " vintage " cartridge market.

Normally the MM/MIs are a friendly tonearm option. You can go to the MM/MI thread to read about those options.

I would like to say that IMHO the HOMC is the worst choice you can take in front the MM/MI one, no single HOMC can compete/be near the MM/MI cartridge quality performance.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Hello Raul my friend.
Maybe this might be a good time, for some distinguishing of what would be some the HOMC Cartidges, and what isn't?

As far as I used to remember, fine Cartridges like the High Output Benz Glider were actually Moving Iron.

What would be the "inferior" (In your opinion) HOMC's? The Sumiko Blue Point? And what else? Mark
I agree with Raul. As far as I understand MC carts are good since they have a low moving mass. If you want to increase the output of a MC cart you have to add extra windings to the coil. This means the coil become heavier and thus defeating the whole idea of a light moving coil.

If you want high output go for MM or MI.