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EAR 890 amp bridged as mono blocks
To Add.....There's a gain adjustment at the back of each amplifier. Play with the adjustments to get better channel separations/balanceEnjoy. 
EAR 890 amp bridged as mono blocks
Hi Dungn,Yes I do.Use only the left channel speaker connection of each amp to produce 140wpc.Cheers, 
Integrated for Sonus Faber Guarmeri Memento??
Try to listen to EAR899 70wpc integrated amp. I've listened to it with EAR890(power amp version of 899) and impressed with the overall tonal balance & dynamics of the memento 
Does EAR324 phono stage sound like tubes ?
For me, the strength of EAR324 is the MM section.Having the adjustment for PF & Capacitance of the MM section, anybody tried a low output cartridge with SUT and used the MM section of EAR324???? 
can anyone recommend tube amp for dartzeel preamp?
How about an EAR 890 70wpc & EAR 534 50wpc....I find the 890 dynamic & relax amplifier.GoodluckGood luck 
E.A.R 868 P, how good is the phonostage?
How good? - VERY GOODIf you heard the linestage, the 843P will compliment it more, since almost the same tubes were used. The volume control of the phono makes it flexible specially when adjusting the soundstage of the system. It's fast, clear, op... 
Ortofon A90 or Air Tight PC-1
I see now problem with A90 paired with SME V. In fact I've heard it several times and it track really good with it. It has a live/life like presentation with big sound stage and dynamics. 
EAR 868 vs VTL 5.5 II
I've heard the 868 with phono. What it gives you is involvement, clear presentation of the artist and good tonal balance. Surprisingly for a tube, it has a fast transient and good dynamics. The it's a transformer coupled circuit. The phono section... 
Nova Phenomena vs. E.A.R. 868P
868 P&L is a killer pre-amp. It's coupled transformer design not like the other. It has various cartridge loading for MC making it compatible with wide cartridges available. It sounded so smooth, dynamic & a VERY GOOD TONAL BALANCE. It is ... 
6922 6DJ8 or 12 AX7 tubes better for preamp?
It depends on the design whether it is 12ax7 or 6922. I find the 12ax7 more dynamics & the 6922 has better mids. Its up to your preference. 
Which cart works with Ortofon AS309S 12inch arm
Interchangeable Headshells will give you more options. Different folks & have different strokes as they say. May it be pop, rock, jazz, classical or vocals you will have a cart that will do justice to your records. May it be audiophile nor reg... 
Which cart works with Ortofon AS309S 12inch arm
The 309S can hold up to 25grams (cart + headshell weight) otherwise, you need a heavier counter weight which is also available from them. Need to check the headshell weight. Ortofon has 13.5-16.8 grams to match with your carts. 
Classics Clarity Vinyl
There are recordings of clarity vinyl 45rpm which I found the regular 180grams is better. Like for example: Royal Ballet - the yellow cover has a better recording. 
Ortofon MC A90 cartridge
Tuboo. Congrats & Enjoy the music. Perhaps you may want to share your listening impressions once settled down and the A90 sync-in with your system. 
Where to go from a Shelter 901 Mk1.
Try to hear Ortofon Cadenza Black ($2,380). It's detail, dynamic and pinned center imaging. There is a bit tendency to be forward but proper speaker positioning & cable tweak will do the job. For the tonearm, try 12" arm.