Which is better.

Looking to replace my Carver TL3200 CD player. The laser pickup is going out and the cost to repair is roughly $200.00. For that money i think it is time to replace it.

I am looking at an NAD C-538, a Marantz C-5005 ( refurbished) or a Marantz C-6006. All are in the $400.00-$500.00 range.
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check out the Emotiva ERC-4.  has a built in dac (coax and optical) so you can run into it
rich full sound
Buy a Rotel RCD -855.
Phenomenal sounding piece. 

@ishkabibil - The emotiva looks like a good unit. For $600.00, it is a bit of a stretch budget wise, but that isnt a bad stretch. Like the old saying goes, if you have to ask, you cant afford it.
Emotiva is low cost, low priced, poorly designed, specified, and manufactured junk although some say that it looks nice.
+1 clearthink. I concur after having owned an Emotiva piece.  Not sound related but the blue light from the equipment can burn your retinas out.  
I owned a Marantz CD-6004 and it was a good CD player. You can find the CD-6006 refurbished at Accessories4less. I haven’t heard the NAD, so can’t say the Marantz is the "best". It’s detailed and a little on the warm side. It’s a solid unit, well built. I thought it sounded great until I compared it to my Marantz KI-Pearl, which didn’t put it to shame, but was clearly better sounding.

As far as Emotiva goes, I think calling it "junk" is a bit harsh. I had a couple of their monoblock amps for a while and own an XPA-5 that’s in my bedroom system. I’ve had it for 4 years now and it has worked flawlessly. I’m using it to drive center and surround speakers, so it’s not being used for critical listening.