Which cd player & speakers?

I'm trying to assemble the best cd only playback system I can on a budget. I already bought Threshold T200 amp and T3 pre here on Audiogon. With about 3 to 4k to spend on speakers and cd player, what would be some of the better matches? I really would appreciate any suggestions as this is my first "audiophile" system.
There really are endless choices that would fit your budget and equipment. May I recommend ,however, that your investigation include an Audio Research CD-2 and a pair of Dunlavy speakers... perhaps the SC-2(s) or 3(s). Long term fatigue free listening is sometimes hard to achieve but is always worth a little extra effort. Best of luck!
A Anthem CD1 will give you a Great Cd Player 1K used.Look for a pair of Used Super Conquest From Coincident.You will be set.The Coincidents will be about 2k.
Hales Revelation 3 speakers(used $1600.-$1800).New they sell for $2200.Read reviews at Audio Review and at Audio Revolution. Resolution Audio CD50 player (used $1500- $1800)Read reviews at A R and search topics here at Sound Advice.I have the Rev 3's in a 24k system(that I am totally satisfied with) and will strongly consider the Cd 50 or 55 when it is time for a digital upgrade. Happy hunting !
hi i am a soliloquy speaker dealer -- and you owe it to yourself to check them out -- www.solspeak.com check out a dealer near you or get in touch with me also look at the new nad-c-540 www.nadelectronics.com please feel free to contact me at any time
Threshold electronics mate well with a number of B&W speakers, such as the older Matrix series (esp. 803/804) if you want to stay in the used arena. Try a CD player from Rotel or Rega depending on what you are looking for in sound quality.
I would call the guy selling the Cary, it outperforms the Wadia, meridian, Cal audio, Rega,etc.. Hands down.
You should check, if possible all of the recommendations! And, check last: Tyler Acoustics!
In terms of digital, you should really consider giving Stan Warren at Supermods a call. I went through 9 different digital front ends in the last 5 years ,trying to get that smooth non-fatiging, analog sound (can we say musical?)that I missed so much from my turntable systems of yore. Then an audiophile buddy told me that he sold his $2,500.00 D/A converter to get this modified $800 cd player, from a genius who can work magic with digital. At first I was very skeptical. Now, I too have sold all of my "high end" (read: expensive) digital gear and have MUCH BETTER SOUND! Stan Warren has impecable credentials. (He is the "S" in PS Audio), his prices are rediculously cheap (I'm always telling him to charge more) , and his customers are extremely devoted to him. Send me an E-mail, and I'll give you his phone number. DON'T EVEN THINK THAT YOU HAVE TO SPEND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TO GET GREAT DIGITAL GEAR!.
check out newform research speakers. see their www, & comments on audioreview's www. 30-day moneyback guarantee. i'm saving my money for a pair of tweeked r645's... doug
Without a doubt an Arcam FMJ player ($2K) or if you want 24/96 capability (strongly recommended) a DVD player/DAC combination with either the BellCanto or MSB Link DACs, and either Meadowlarks or Maggies, depending on your musical tastes. (I am not a dealer, and I don't own the above so I have nothing at stake.)