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Which cd player & speakers?
Threshold electronics mate well with a number of B&W speakers, such as the older Matrix series (esp. 803/804) if you want to stay in the used arena. Try a CD player from Rotel or Rega depending on what you are looking for in sound quality. 
How good are Kef Reference 4's
Hello, I can only comment on the Kef Ref. 2 in my room. I would second many of the comments here. With a 60 watt integrated I can reach incredible sound levels in a 12x19 room. Dynamics and imaging are excellent. But the strength, IMHO, is the sup... 
The best band? Maybe not BUT...........
I think Missing Persons could have been really great if they would have stuck with it and maybe drifted more towards a King Crimson progressive style. I also really love Aimee Mann. She is great. 
Best blues guitarist, Clapton or Green
Huddie(LeadBelly)Ledbetter - As the dead historical choice. Jimi Hendrix - As the dead rock/electric choice. Buddy Guy - As the living choice. I'll have to check out Melvin Taylor, never heard his stuff. 
Speakercable for B&W Nautilius
Never heard the TacT product, but the 802N with either the Bryston 4B ST or 7B ST monos and double runs of Kimber 8TC sounds very nice and natural. 
Demo dispair
Well, the Immedia www site only lists one WI dealer for Audio Physic. Never dealt with them or been there. If Croach bought it somewhere else, better to say where than to cast suspicion on an innocent authorized dealer! 
The BEST Audiophile System under $5k...
How 'bout this: Wright Sound WLA12A Line Preamp; Wright Sound WPP100C Phono Preamp; Electronic Tonalities AfterGlow Amp; Rega Planar 25 turntable w/ Elys cartridge; Soliloquy SM-2A3 Speakers w/stands; BetterCables 3m Premium Speaker Cables & 1... 
Best Male Singers of the 20th Century
I like Louis Armstrong for Jazz, Bing Crosby for crooners, Ian Gillan for Rock, and Bob Dylan as the "Is he singin' or whinin' catagory" nominee. 
I'll ditto on Slayer. Also, all Scorpions up to Love Drive album (w/M.Schenker) and all Judas Priest through Hell Bent For Leather for older metal. I regularly request Dissident Aggressor by Priest on our local radio station, but always get the an... 
Worst Music of All-Time
Bo Donaldson & the Heywoods - Big "hit" being Billy Don't Be A Hero -- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! 
Guilty pleasure music?
Oh my, I'm so lame. I like: Abba Jimmy Sturr Orchestra (Polka) Barry Manilow - I Write the Songs; It's A Miracle John Denver Gee, I always thought Black Flag, Dead Kennedy's, Flipper, TSOL, Agent Orange, Firehose, Minutemen, Husker Du, etc. were t... 
Good cheap silver wire?
Signature Technologies in Milwaukee makes a superb silver interconnect called Sig-Lynx. $100 for .5 meter, $125 for 1 meter. They are not listed on the WWW site (yet?), but call and talk to the maker/owner (Brian). He will cut a deal if you buy 2 ...