Which Cables for Sony DVP-9000ES

I will be receiving my new Sony DVD player any day and am curious on IC recommendations for the analog rca's out. Will be connecting to a Krell HTS preamp. What I understand, you have to use the analog outs to take advantage of SACD. Is that not right?
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Yes the SACD is only output through the analog outputs, I use Transparent "super". They work for me, but cables can be one of those personal taste things like most other equipment. Try as many brands as you can. I have heard a lot of people using MIT with the Krell gear, there should be some synergy there.
Just for your information...If you have the HTS 1, which is the first generation HTS from Krell, you need not worry about which cables to use for SACD because your bigger problem is that the HTS 1 does not have an analog bypass. What this means is that the SACD signal from the Sony will have to be "digitized" through the Krell's DAC's before you can hear any sound. By doing so, you are limiting the frequencies and are not hearing true SACD because the HTS DAC's are handcuffing the sound. What you will hear will be better than "regular" CD's but, will no way sound like SACD direct. HOWEVER, if you have the Krell HTS 2, which is shipping next week, then you will get all of the benefits of SACD because it WILL have analog bypass and will not digitize the SACD signal. CABLES: try Nordost, they sound great and no matter which brand you buy MAKE SURE YOU BUY BALANCED XLR'S CABLES AND NOT RCA'S whenever you can.
Ericbee is correct. Although I have been emailed by a Krell employee that the upgrade for HTS1 will be available soon (2nd Quarter) to allow analog bypass. The degradation of SACD sound is horrible through the HTS. I use an analog preamp to listen to SACD in two cahannel. I am currently looking at getting a KRC3 or KRC-HR to listen to my analog sources. These both offer a "Theater Throughput"(TM) that allows the front channels' outputs to go through as untouched as possible.
BTW, other preamps I've found which have this feature: Sonic Frontiers, Mark Levinson,Conrad Johnson,Audio Research,Pass labs,and Anthem. If there are others, please let me know. While the HTS is okay at Home theater, it is not the greatest musical preamp, and the bypass would be a better solution for your analog (inc. SACD output) listening.
Also to answer your cable question, I use Synergistic Research cables for the 9000ES on Dig and analog outputs and I am very happy with them. Best Regards, Aaron
With an SACD source you want to get everything out of it possible, so I recommend Harmonic Technology's "Magic" cable, or Synergistic Research's top of the line (I forget the name). Both cables have a perfect balance and startling clarity. Of course there are other good manufacturers, but in many recent reviews (Absolute Sound, Stereophile) there seems to be a consensus that H.Tech. has something special going on . How do you like the Standard CD playback so far?
Although I have had my DVP-9000ES for only a few days, it seems like the sound is slightly bright in portions of the upper region. With that in mind, I think the Purist Proteous for a liquid but flat response or as suggested above, the MIT cable, which would probably help "tame" the brightness. If possible, get cable from friends or a dealer and test. As others have stated, probably after about of week of 24/7 with the SACD demo disc before you decide. This would provide about 150 hours of break in, which is probably the minimum before the true performance can be determined. I hope everyone continues to post on this subject, as I still want to get the best from my 9000 as well.
I am using dh labs digital and analog cables and i am interested in acoustic zen interconnects and digital cables for the 9000,anyone try either of these? how about coincedent interconnects or electraglide digital reference digital cable?
I have been running my Sony DVP-9000ES continuously since the 26th of Jan. That means the break in time has now exceeded the 300 hours mark. The SACD sound is much better than when I received it, so now I plan on feeding a similar amount of music into the (standard) CD side of the D to A converter. I spoke to Purist Audio this afternoon about this issue, and he informed me that he has a new interconnect cable in development, designed around this format. The changes are focused on the issue of specialized shielding and termination, with some differences in chemical treatment. I have requested a sample, and hopefully, this will prove to be a performance gain for the SACD side of the music, without degrading the playback of standard CD's. Any experience from other Audiogon posters would be appreciated, especially experience with the MIT or Cardis line of interconnect cables.
Albert, I have broken in the CD section, but with the limited SACD selections out there I really don't have that much on the SACD side yet, maybe 60 hrs or so. Can I just leave this thing on repeat? Do I have to have my pre-amp on? It's tube so I would rather not.I have heard conflicting reports on what has to be done to break it in, but you seem to have been around so I would like to hear your input. Thanks in advance,and let us know what you think of the cd playback after it is broken in.
I appreciate the experiences being shared here because I am going to buy one these DVP-9000ES to replace my Pioneer DV-09. Wanted the SACD and progressive scan capabilities, but I don't want to sink too much money into digital unit because digital technology changes too quickly. Only gets connected into my audio system once and while and will mainly be used as a video source. Still the combo features are very attractive. What about the video cables? Any experience out there to share? S-Video or Component? Just bought a Panasonic Tau CT-32HX40 and it is a great inexpensive + good results entry into HDTV.
No money, regarding your preamp, just leave if off until needed. It has no effect either way on the break in of your SACD player. I would suggest plugging in your choice of interconnect between the SACD and your preamp while doing this run in. The connection will provide the proper load for the analog output of your player, and help condition the cable as well. On software, I have limited selection of SACD as well. I simply put in the demo disk provided by Sony, and left it on repeat. I felt like it was a good choice, as it contains many different styles and kinds of music. Ideally, I would like to have also used a break in disc, such as the one manufactured by Purist Audio. The bad news is, the Sony 9000 (at least mine) refuses to play CDR's. The Purist break in disks are exclusively CDR, each burned direct from the master.
Thanks Albert.
XLO sent me a break in disc which seems to have everything you might want for break in, sweeps, test tone, phase check, system burn in, super dynamic
reference tracks in HDCD. etc.