Which amp with Golden Ear Triton 2's?

I'm late to the party, but choosing to dive into the world of tubes. Any thoughts regarding paiiring either the Mystere 21 or Line Magnetic 216a integrated amp with the Golden Ear Triton Two's? I will most likely get the prima luna CD player, or the $1000 Oppo. Am I a genius or a fool?
If you have enough cash to spend the same amount on NOS tubes as for the amps themselves, you are the former.
Schubert wtf?


I think it sounds like a solid plan, the Golden Ear speakers have really gotten some good reviews, I like tubes myself and the Oppo is a good choice. not familiar with the Prima Luna...
Congratulations!I vote for genius.Sorry,no experience with those components,though they are all highly reviewed.My system is all tubes and I have no regrets.BTW there are some excellent reissue tubes to be found.