Need help with IC upgrade Cardas Golden Cross

A few years ago I got a pair of Cardas Golden Cross ICs to smoothen out my solid state equipment. Recently I've changed the equipment to a Bel Canto Dac3 connected directly to my Conrad Johnson 2005a applifier. While I like this combination a feel like the Golden Cross cable is a little too soft. I'm looking for an IC with a little more definition and just a touch more forward. While I'm considering the Wireworld Gold Eclipse 5.2 I'd be interested in any suggestions.

Thanks in advance.
Note that I've used most Cardas cable including Cross, Golden Cross, Golden Presense, and Golden Reference. I'm looking for a change...

Try Morrow audio IC. You have 60 days audition period.
so if you don't like it, you can return it.

I have ma3, i'm happy with that,
I've posted this before.... I tried all of the Cardas cables and there was nothing that was worse in my system. At least try others...Cardas may very well work for you.
Kimber Select is excellent cable, all 3 metal types are solid performers. I think the 1021 hybrid is top notch and the 1011 and 1016 is excellent also. Not a huge fan of 1030 in my system - others love it.

The 1021 is the most nuetral cable I have had in my system.
I've had enough experience with cables to believe that some are in fact system dependent.

I actually have Blue Jeans cabling on my 2nd (office system) and they were better than the more expense cables they replaced.

Anyone try the new Wireworld 6 series?
I've used (and still use) a number of Cardas interconnects, Cross, Golden Cross & Golden Presence. I'm a big fan and have found Golden Cross to sound great in many setups. I'm really liking the Golden Presence as well; seems to have a bit more bite and detail.

However, a couple of months ago I purchased a pair of Kool Cables (KCI) Silkworm + interconnects---between my MW Transporter and 300B integrated, the Silkworm + cables are just outstanding to my taste. Tremendous soundstage and OH so musical. Very very natural sounding. They get my highest recommendation, plus I've found John P., the owner/designer, to be one of best guys I've met/dealt with in the audio community!!

After getting out of tubes I found that the Golden Cross really help harshness of solid state equipment. After getting less harsh (uh better) sounding solid state electronics I'm finding the Golden Cross cable just too soft. Wish I handn't sold the regular Cardas Cross.
Kimber Select.
Morrow Audio has a 60 day trial period and a trade up program that has worked for me. Using the MA4 at the moment with nice results. They are the most open and extended sounding cable I have tried so far to my ears.
I think the Audience AU24 might be one to try...
From my experience, the Kimber Select 1021 is detailed but neutral in the sense that it doesn't alter the spectral nature of the music. Very true to the recording.
Morrow now charges 8% on all returns except if you upgrade to another cable. So you lose 8% of what you paid. It's his new policy and advertised on his website.
Harmonic Tech MAGIC Link II would give you what you want. Clarity and amazing soundstage and imaging. Excellent cables. Disclaimer: I have a pair for sale.
Try Anti-Cables.. I really love them. Cardas WILL smooth out rough sounding components...because they omit that information. My suggestion is you get better equipment and not try to find filters to omit the faults.
Rockadanny what did you use to replace your HT Magic ICs? I'm testing a pair of Harmonic Tech MAGIC Link II now (no it was not from Rockadanny who recommended them above).

The HT Magic II does seem to have good clarity and detail while not being harsh at all. I'm very happy with the Harmonic Tech Magic II and I may just hang onto them for a while.
Adasilva - I have decided to try and satisfy with all copper only and am on a quest to do so. Have not yet settled on cabling - still trying out different models. So far unable to better the MAGIC links using only copper.

Checkout Zu Varial MK3 ... read the 6moon review. Cardas GR is veiled and colored compare to the Varial. It best cables costing 2X to 3X ...

Zu offers a trial period and FYI, it takes 300+ hours to break in.
Rockadanny I also went through an all copper phase. Finally I purchased an Audience Ar2p and the sound dramically improved and the harshness is gone - perhaps bad power? I have both my Dac3 and CJ amp plugged into the Ar2p. I still use my Au24 speaker cables but my digital is Nordost Shadow along with the Magic II interconnects. I'm really liking the silver sound right now.
i owned golden cross, which i used between amp and preamp. i was using golden hex 5 c as ac cords (golden ac cords), also using golden hex 5 c as speaker cable and as ic between cd player and preamp. amp and pre were tubes.

i did not find golden cross soft and lacking in definition. i know, perception, tastet, room, and other variables are factors which affect cable performance. i have heard from other cardas owners that there is a glare in the upper mids in many of the older cardas cables. the newer ones may have corrected this problem.

i sold all my cardas cable and am using ear to ear, made in candad, whichj is silver coated copper. i feel ear to ear ics are less erroneous than the golden cross.