Where's Alan Maher?

I've bought some of Alan's Power enhancers in the past, and am interested in buying some more of his products. I went on his facebook page to find the website, and have sent three emails without a response. Can anyone help?
Try "alan maher designs" on facebook. Once you find him, all you have to do is friend him on facebook and you're in. I deal with him all the time.
Thanks Ivan.
Ivan: I just received an email from Alan via facebook stating that he's in the process of moving back to the USA, and is temporarily out of buisness. He hopes to resume buisness as usual in December.
Careful with Maher, he is a real nutjob and not at all well balanced upstairs. He recently stiffed me badly on an order and his behaviour was bizarre to say the least. Not a stable guy...
Can you explain, please? There are a lot of folks using his products.
I agree ,don't dare to try to send back an item for a refund...
He truckin with his chips cashed in!!
Still truckin'?
In his skin?
Wacko 1st class..