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Dynavector cartridges, old and new
Thanks. @chakster Yes agreed but it's time I spin with a Dyna! Maybe I will try the Sussuro soon too. 
Dynavector cartridges, old and new
I just ordered a Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua and curious about retip options for the future. Was looking at the Sounsmith Sussuro, and while I have enjoyed their carts in the past, I wonder if the high price tag reflects the smaller outfit and time ... 
No cartridge is good enough.
Inna, glad you are trolling here so the big boys can lay down some history and knowledge. The ELP system was failure IIRC, reviewers stated it never worked very well, thus its limited popularity in hifi circles. 
variance of +/- 10 Hz with 1 kHz test tone
"The WOW measurement according to DIN IEC 386 is quite accurate in measuring relatively slow speed fluctuations in a range of <10Hz (WOW). Faster variations (flutter) are a problem to measure with a phone because audio can be sampled at a maxim... 
New to the Record Cleaner Wars: Music Hall WCS-2
Anyone ever thought the claim that a vac can damage the grooves has any credence? George Merill says so in his GEM Dandy lit. 
Bizarre buzz
DC current will also exacerbate this. 
Does hard drive noise in your PC color affect SQ?
You can run async USB over usb-over-fibre e.g. Adnaco... 
J River Media Center 19
This has changed in 19."If you have a different directory on the new computer you can use Tools - Library Tools - Rename, Move & Copy - Find and Replace to change the path. If you do the Find and Replace, I would suggest trying it on an album ... 
variance of +/- 10 Hz with 1 kHz test tone
I found the Feickert 7" (my copy) tone to have a lot of inherent wow, it's off center or something. For example, if you are at 33.33 you'll see the bar go all the left/right edges of the green section. The UTR 3150hz has much less sway back and fo... 
Timeline Calculator
I'm using PlatterSpeed to get my Solid9 in order as it was running fast. Considering getting a Sutherland but not cheap. I have the Feickert 7" and Platterspeed shows quite a sway back and forth while running the 3150hz tone; as opposed to midly m... 
Shelter 501Mk2 or ZYX R100-02H
Ok, I thought the ZYX were measured at 100hz so recommended to multiply stated compliance by 1.5-2x. 
Teres Verus Rim Drive Motor with Pro-ject RM10
Old thread, but has anyone heard the RM10.1? Is this a new table or just 10cc arm? The w/f spec on Millers Audio Research are .01%wow and .02%flutter. If true, that's world class, besting many tables including some Brinkemann DD tables.The only ta... 
Need tonearm advice for Clearaudio Innovation Wood
Steve what arm did you go with? 
Shelter 501Mk2 or ZYX R100-02H
What's the actual compliance of the ZYX R100? More like 22-30cu? 
Audio Technica AT33EV different versions? On RP6?
Hi,Since a lot of AT33EV users/past owners here? Maybe thoughts on actual compliance (for use with Clearaudio Satisfy arm):- Static compliance: 40×10 - 6 cm/dyne - Dynamic compliance : 10×10 - 6 cm/dyne (100Hz) Weight: 6.9 g So maybe it is really ...