Whats the BEST audio site :

Just checking how dedicated you are.
For equipmet, here, for music, www.stevehoffman.tv
For what?

For selling components: Audiogon
For Manufacturer and Dealer Audio Links: Stereophile.com
For generally uncensured audio forums: Audio Asylum
For Audio Reviews: Hard to say... Pick your poison: Audioreview.com, Soundstage.com, Audiogon.com, Stereophile.com, Audio Asylum, a fer more I cannot think of off the top of my head

The one with the best members: AUDIOGON.COM

G. Marx once said, 'I'd never become a member of a club that would have me.' I tend to live by this ideal, but I joined Audiogon anyway! :-)

You're looking at it!
For coolness:
My two favorites are Audiogon and Harmonic discord.
I like AA and HTF for the volume of posts, wide range of topcs and upto the minute reports on new equipment.

You put all these together and there is no need for a subscription to an audio rag IMHO.
WWW.META-GIZMO.COM Whether you agree with his conclusions or not, reading the articals on Gizmo's site is always funny, entertaning and provacative. But most of all, they communicate a love for what the real goal of all this should be IMHO, to incite "musical ecstacy" in the listener.
If i was "stuck" with Agon and AA as being the only audio related websites that i could visit, i would not mind one bit. Sure, there are others that i visit on a daily basis, but i spend most of my time on those two for good reason. Sean
I like Audiogon and Audioasylum the most. For music, I spend the most time at the Blue Note Bulletin Board.
For DIY - http://www.diyaudio.com

For buying/selling - http://www.audiogon.com

For discussion of high-end audio - http://www.audioannex.com

"What is the "BEST" audio site there is?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!"

Man..... I cannot believe that you are EVEN asking us this question. What is the best audio site??? Well..... THIS IS IT right here (Audiogon).

Oh yes..... AudioAsylum comes in a close second, and JS Audio (which is a high-end audio/video store that is located in Bethesda, Maryland...... which is located just outside of Washington, D. C.) is the third best site. But hands down..... for what is the best audio site there is in the land, well, you're at it right now.

Agon has turned out to be one of the best. Stereo411 and Stereophile for information links. Audioweb and audioreview?

Happy Listening!
Hands down it is:


Closely followed by both Audioasylum.com and Audiogon.com
This is the best site. They got the most amazing stereo systems on here. People put pics of there Systems on here. Here's the link. http://www.arduman.com/aa/Sayfalar/friends.htm