Whats under your Berkeley Dac?

I have observed that my Berkeley Alpha Dac is extremely
sensitive to vibration. It sits on a Mapleshade Samson
maple stand but it is still not happy. I have tried misc.
items as footers under the BADA and [so far] the Mapleshade
heavy brass cones seem to work fairly well. Before investing larger amounts of $$$ on more footers I was hoping the community might comment on some of their findings.
Thank Yuuu!
It's the transformer, which vibrates a bit. I put herbies footers underneath with herbies pucks on top as well as a gut wire sack on top.
Try putting a heavy book on top of it. Textbook, encyclopedia, that type of thing. See if it makes a difference. Also, if the transformer vibrates, like Cerrot says, make sure one of the cones is directly under wherever the transformer is.